Coronation Street’s Andy Whyment had to phone up mum during I’m A Celebrity as he reignites Janice Dickinson feud

Andy Whyment, a star of Coronation Street, admitted that he had to call his mother after his most recent stint on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here as he spoke about his unanticipated leave. One of the notable contestants who joined up for the new ITV reality program spin-off was the soap star.

I’m A Star… In South Africa, which concludes on Friday (May 12), former campmates compete with one another to win food for camp before facing off against one another in survival challenges to keep themselves from being evicted, all in an effort to become the first I’m A Celeb “Legend.”

But after narrowly missing out on the title in 2019, it seems Andy’s turn to triumph wasn’t this time either, as he and Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo became the latest celebrities to quit the camp after competing against Myleene Klass and Jordan Banjo head-to-head.

After being doused with molasses at their final trial, Made in Chelsea star Toff and actor Andy, who is best known for playing Kirk Sutherland in the ITV soap opera Corrie, departed via boat. However, the winners had a final lunch by the waterfall with a bottle of champagne as they bid farewell to the I’m A Celeb spin-off.

And Andy’s departure occurs days after he was perceived in camp in a very different way as tensions between him and Janice Dickinson grew. “He despises me. Supermodel Janice, 68, was overheard stating in I’m A Celeb scenes that aired last week, “He doesn’t want to do anything for me.

When Andy, 42, heard that she was allegedly talking about him and turned around to confront her, he asked, “You saying I don’t want to do anything for you?” After that, Janice responded, “No, I didn’t say that,” and it appeared like singer-turned-presenter Myleene Klass had been caught in the crossfire. Andy later stated his motivation for being irritated in the Bush Telegraph.

He referred to Janice’s requests to her fellow campmates as “there’s no please, no nothing,” Just ‘do this’ was all that was said. “Well no, I’m not your slave,” it sounds like. It followed Janice’s statement, “Andy, I need a wreath. I want you to gather some leaves and build me a wreath. You’ve picked the wrong person there, the soap opera star remarked to the woman. I’m unable to construct a wreath.

Andy seems to have rekindled his feud with Janice after his exit was made public, telling The Sun in his first major interview: “I’m just a normal down to earth guy and I just don’t like it when people are rude.”

“I know Janice is a really, really famous person, whereas I’m just Kirk from Corrie,” he said, “but manners cost nothing.”

I was in the jungle with Caitlyn Jenner in 2019; she’s a huge star, but she wasn’t harsh like Janice,” he continued. I don’t see why it’s necessary. I’m not sure if it’s for the cameras or for another reason. She would occasionally leap up when Ant and Dec entered the room when she was lying in bed.

However, Andy acknowledged that things were more difficult this time as fans witnessed him fumbling for food during the “prides” test.

That’s not a lie. In 2019, I had had enough of rice and beans, so to eat it for five days… This time I found it harder,” he remarked to the publication.

“I stayed there for 18 nights in 2019; three of those nights included rice and beans, but not on back-to-back days. Therefore, eating rice and beans five days out of seven is not at all recommended. I felt a little irritated. My head may have fallen off at one time when I was complaining at camp and used the phrase “it’s all bs.” The day after it was broadcast on television, I had to call my mother and apologize for my profanity.

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