Coronation Street’s Alan Halsall unrecognisable in one of his first ever TV appearances

Alan Halsall, a star of Coronation Street, appeared completely unlike himself in one of his very first TV appearances.

Although the actor is now well-known for his role as mechanic Tyrone Dobbs on the ITV soap opera, Tyrone wasn’t the actor’s first persona on the fabled Weatherfield cobbles.

Instead, he began his Corrie career in 1996 for a brief appearance in one episode as a nameless youngster before being officially introduced as Tyrone in 1998.

Corrie is not the start or the conclusion of Alan’s soap opera career. In four episodes of the competing soap opera Heartbeat from 1998 to 1999, he played Stuart Chivers’ brother Trevor Chivers.

Beginning with a recently discovered appearance as David Hartley in Hetty Wainthropp Investigates in 1997, when Alan was just a little lad, he has also had a very different appearance in each of his performances.

Alan, who was only 15 at the time, made his television debut dressed in a white t-shirt and blue terrycloth dressing gown, with his hair neatly parted to one side.

Although he still had the appearance of a young Tyrone, fans used to viewing him as the seasoned garage worker will undoubtedly be surprised by his appearance as a young teen.

Alan, meantime, could be seen as a school student dressed to the nines in a uniform consisting of a white shirt, clean black blazer, and blue striped tie when he made his appearance in Heartbeat a year later.

As he gave the professors some lip, he decided for the more conventional fringe and middle part, taking the metamorphosis into his Corrie persona even further.

Alan has a vast resume and has appeared in a variety of shows, including Queer As Folk, Stanton Blues, and Children’s Ward.

But when he was ultimately introduced as Tyrone, he was shown for the first time lounging on a bed covered in pillows and playing with a GameBoy while wearing scuffed trousers and a black sweater.

Since that time, Alan has completely changed, going through a remarkable weight loss process.

Although Alan has never publicly stated how many pounds he lost, the results are obvious to everyone as he hit the gym and displayed his toned abs while walking down the street wearing a variety of tight t-shirts.

He even regularly works out with several of his co-stars, such as Colson Smith from Craig Tinker and Sam Aston from Chesney Brown.

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