Coronation Street’s Adam changes his hair again and fans can’t keep up

With its portrayal of significant, challenging storylines, Coronation Street frequently gets people talking, but recently, something else has generated discussion among viewers: Adam Barlow’s lush locks.

Adam debuted a new slick back appearance in the most recent episode of the ITV soap, which aired on Wednesday (August 31), and this partly diverted viewers’ attention.

One Twitter user who was shocked to see the lawyer sporting yet another hairstyle wrote: “I’m sure Adam has a fresh hairstyle every week.” Is it only me?

Some viewers didn’t seem to like the new hairdo, saying it looked “greasy” and “wet.”

Is Adam’s hair wet, or is it only appearing that way due to the excessive usage of gel? Tweeted one.

Adam’s hair has already made headlines; in 2021, his shaven appearance also caused a stir among admirers.

“Adam looks like he ran a glob of fat through his hair,” someone said. One more stated.

After the character’s distinctive locks were removed, one at the time exclaimed, “Where did his floppy hair go?”. “I didn’t recognize him, to be honest.”

Another chimed on, “Much prefer his longer style!” while a third asked, “Adam bestie where is your beautiful hair?”

One person on social media commented, “I guess there’s no middle ground with Adam Barlow’s hair,” and another added, “A bit of my soul dies every time Adam Barlow cuts his hair.”

In addition to his well-known and adored floppy style, Adam has recently donned a curly hairstyle.

Who could forget his beloved quiff, too?

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