Coronation Street’s Aaron abusive dad ‘exposed’ by viewers as familiar face on cobbles

This week, Aaron Sandford of Coronation Street told his partner Summer Spellman the whole details of his horrifying assault.

Although Aaron claimed he had been assaulted in the street, he was afterwards seen taking a strange phone call in which he promised to return soon and said he had become disoriented.

And his attempts to tell Summer lies were heartbreaking failures.

Fans are now certain that he is being abused at home, and they believe that his parents may be closer to the streets than they previously thought.

Aaron is a relative newbie that Summer met at her diabetes support group. However, since getting a job at the garage and offering to take Summer on vacation, Aaron has won over the fans.

On social media, a number of speculations have been put up. Some fans have suggested that Audrey’s son Stephen may be the perpetrator of the assault after noticing Aaron’s twin in the police station behind him.

Stephen went to the station to report Kevin Webster for smashing up his car, but while he was there, a child who appeared to be Aaron sat behind him. Despite the fact that they had never met, Aaron went to the station to report abuse.

Asked by a viewer, “Was Aaron sitting next to Stephen as he went to give a statement to the police at the end of last night’s episode? Only saw the back of his head so it probably wasn’t.”

If it is Aaron, he’s probably there because he’s been beaten up, which I believe he gets from his dad or his mum, another person added. “It may have been. That’s why it was noticeable for us to see.”

A third person said, “I wonder if Stephen defeated Aaron,” to which someone else replied, “Omg that’s actually such a brilliant notion!”

Another possibility put out by viewers is that Aaron might be Stephen’s hidden son and that Stephen might have been the irate caller after exploding at Kevin in the street.

Others, however, contend that Stu Carpenter may have been the perpetrator of the assault after telling his long-lost daughter Bridget that he “didn’t hurt that girl.”

One viewer made the following Twitter speculation: “Okay hear me out… Aaron’s being mistreated by someone, probably his dad. What if Stu’s his dad? He told Bridget he “didn’t hurt that girl”? #Corrie.”

They said, “I’m just speculating, but I have a feeling it could be someone we know or a former villain.”

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