Coronation street will tackle loneliness in older people with new Audrey Roberts storyline

This week, she continues to tell her own doctor the same narrative while revealing to friends that it was a suicide attempt. “Audrey is deeply regretful for what she did, and her initial response was to keep it from her family,” Sue stated.”

Despite the occasional sniping, she values her family dearly and always will.”

She realized how much her friends had helped her in terms of her troubles once she was able to talk to them and they started talking about their own struggles.”

“The necessity of being able to talk to people you trust about how you feel is the message I want people to take away from this plot, and that is what I want them to do.”

“The younger generation may occasionally believe that anyone above the age of 70 is incapable of making decisions, which can cause older individuals to lose their sense of purpose and feel fairly useless. I’m fortunate to work with individuals of all ages.”

No matter our ages, I like talking to kids and listening to what they have to say about topics.”

I want to convey to Audrey, “Listen, I’m still learning about life at 79, and I genuinely hope to continue. I sincerely hope that this plot encourages older individuals to start sharing their feelings with younger people and makes them aware of how much the elder generation still has to offer.

According to statistics, 1.2 million seniors experience loneliness frequently. Britain Get Talking, an ITV mental health campaign, is presented concurrently with the narrative.

“The causes for suicide are complicated and very rarely down to one issue,” said Jacqui Morrissey of the Samaritans, “which Audrey’s tale has beautifully portrayed.”

We frequently hear from our volunteers that loneliness and isolation can strike anyone at any time.

“Many Coronation Street fans may have struggled at times, as the last five years have been quite difficult.”

We must all keep in mind that help is out there and feel empowered to call out.

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