Coronation Street: What is Laurence hiding? Does he have a secret?

Fans of Coronation Street have been lead to believe Laurence, Sean’s new boyfriend, is hiding something as recent episodes of the show have been airing. Laurence, do you have a secret?

Sean was left feeling dissatisfied in scenes that will air tonight (September 15, 2022) when Laurence stood him up on his birthday.

Later, Laurence paid Sean a visit, apologizing and assuring him.

But does Laurence have a secret?

Birthday of Sean is a washout.

Laurence standing Sean up at his birthday supper was a horrible start to Sean’s birthday.

Sean was celebrating at Speed Daal when a grumpy adversary of Stu dumped a box of cockroaches on the ground, forcing Sean to cancel the dinner.

Sean complained about his miserable birthday at home.

When Laurence came and explained that he had simply become behind at work, Sean’s mood immediately improved.

Sean was reassured that he genuinely does like him, and he was advised not to be so suspicious.

They shared a kiss, saving Sean’s birthday.

However, is Laurence being honest?

Fans of Coronation Street make assumptions about Laurence’s character.

Fans have already expressed mistrust for Laurence’s behavior on Twitter.

After clicking during a date at the cafe, the couple started dating.

The dishonest dentist, however, seems too good to be true, according to many.

One supporter remarked, “Not buying this guy Laurence would be into Sean.”

Laurence is a dentist, really attractive, a nice guy, and interested in Sean? There must be a problem with him because this is a soap opera. Another person opined, “It’s probably extremely horrible too.

Someone else sarcastically said, “There HAS to be something wrong with Laurence.”

Does Laurence have a secret?

Laurence’s explanations seem to comfort Sean, but is everything really as it seems?

Laurence gave Sean several justifications, but why?

Is he concealing anything?

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