Coronation Street villain Dom makes shocking proposal over Eliza

A proposal from former son-in-law Dom Everett on Coronation Street has frightened Stu Carpenter.

The episode that aired on Monday (September 11) confirmed Stu’s fears that Dom had reconnected with Eliza for sinister purposes in recent weeks.

When Dom did not arrive to pick up Eliza, Stu became irate and declared that her father could not genuinely care about mend their relationship if he didn’t make the effort to pick her up.

Eliza was obviously offended by those statements, and when she sprinted across the street, a passing automobile struck her. Stu hurried to his injured granddaughter and shouted for aid as the vehicle sped away.

Since Stu was forced to call Dom at the hospital, he was enraged to see him show up with a huge teddy bear to play the good guy.

When Eliza overheard the two arguing in front of her, she sided with her father and insisted that Stu leave. Stu was devastated by the rejection, despite Alya’s efforts to reassure him that Eliza would eventually come to appreciate her father for who he really is.

Eliza later shocked her father and grandfather by declaring she wanted to live with Dom permanently.

Dom told Stu outside the hospital room that he didn’t want Eliza moving in since he already had a sizable credit card debt and didn’t want her to add to that.

When Dom proposed persuading Eliza to remain with her grandfather in exchange for £10,000 to pay off his debts, Stu was outraged. Dom’s offer to sell his own daughter horrified him, so he made an effort to hide it.

When it came time to decide who would be bringing Eliza home, Stu declared that since he is the legal guardian, his granddaughter would be going with him. He also told Dom that he wouldn’t be getting any money!

Eliza surreptitiously packed a bag and sneaked out the door since she was indignant over her grandfather’s choice. Will Eliza be found by Stu?

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