Coronation Street viewers ‘work out’ Lauren Bolton’s harrowing link to Bethany Platt

Fans of Coronation Street believe they have “worked out” that Lauren Bolton (Cait Fitton), who is connected to the perverse abuser Nathan Curtis (Christopher Harper), who was recently imprisoned for grooming Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon), is connected to Nathan Curtis.

According to one Redditor, “I’m watching Corrie right now. And I just saw last Monday’s show, which has the most awkward scenario I’ve seen in a while, in which Lauren felt Roy [Cropper] was being polite to get his leg over.

Is this plot developing as I anticipate? Where her father, Gryff, and/or the other guys beat/groomed her? A poor girl.

“Some people have speculated that she’s one of the girls Nathan abused, which, with Bethany returning, sort of makes sense,” @Soaplovezxx retorted. But for her to speak that way, she has undoubtedly experienced abuse of some kind.

Another person said: “Aw, it was so sad. However, it might make sense to be Nathan’s victim.

Viewers of the ITV soap opera will remember that Nathan groomed Bethany in 2017 and that his tanning salon served as a front for a network of sexual exploitation.

He ultimately used Bethany as a pawn before selling her to his evil group of pals.

After being exposed by the prosecution’s attorneys, Nathan and members of his gang were eventually apprehended and later found guilty of rape and conspiracy to commit rape.

Later, in an effort to reclaim control of her body, Bethany started lap-dancing, but she soon gave it up.

After a three-year break, the actress who portrays Bethany is apparently coming back to the cobbles.

Her first scenes will run “after Christmas,” according to The Sun, and the actress is supposed to be impressed by the impending Bethany storylines.

Fans have speculated that she and Lauren might have a traumatic bond with Nathan.

Will Bethany be able to mentor Lauren and impart some sound advice to her?

Roy (David Neilson) was terrified earlier this month when Lauren believed he would desire sex with her in exchange for food and shelter.

Lauren made a pass at Roy in the cafe and struggled to look at him because of her embarrassment.

Maybe upcoming sequences that explain Lauren’s actions will reveal more about her past to Coronation Street viewers.

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