Coronation Street viewers spot red flags in Mike and Esther’s home

Viewers of Coronation Street saw a number of alarming indications in Mike and Esther’s home.

Given that no one seems to know anything about them, the newcomers’ arrival on the street was cloaked in mystery. After Summer Spellman consented to be their surrogate, the couple made their public debut in order to adopt the child.

Mike and Esther have already made a bargain with the adolescent, and they have continued to be sickeningly kind to the other inhabitants, but Summer’s family members have expressed their worries that the couple might have a troubled past or hidden agendas.

In tonight’s show, Summer called to see the couple’s house to talk about their future plans, but viewers caught a glimpse of some unsettling hints in the background.

As one observer observed, “What’s happened to that fridge door – dents all over the place!” fans suspect there may be violence occurring behind closed doors.

one more said: “Have you noticed the unsettling punch marks on Mike and Esther’s refrigerator? Maybe there’s violence behind closed doors?” A third responded: “My suspicions about Esther and Mike are rising. I have no faith in them at all.”

Although Mike and Esther are unaware that Summer miscarried a few weeks ago, they had already cashed their £10,000 inheritance to pay for Aaron’s father’s inpatient treatment. Although the teen has kept her pretend parents in the dark, it is still unknown where her falsehoods may lead.

As soon as I collect your money, I’m leaving the UK permanently, so I swear you won’t hear from me or anyone else again. Stephen made this promise.

Will Stephen be able to leave Weatherfield without being caught?

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