Coronation Street viewers spot big clue to who Stephen’s next victim will be

The previous evening’s episode of Crowning ceremony Road (Monday, September 26, 2022) saw Stephen kill Leo, in the wake of driving him off the manufacturing plant gantry railings.

He then, at that point, continued to move the body out of a container and into a Hidden world van.

Now that Stephen’s made his most memorable kill, fans believe that they’ve sussed out who his next casualty is.

Royal celebration Road: Stephen made his most memorable kill

In the wake of being on to Stephen’s lies for some time, Leo watched Stephen address Gabrielle about the obligation he owed her and how he wanted to utilize the value from Audrey’s home to take care of her.

On top of the industrial facility gantry, Leo presented himself to Stephen and let him that he knew know he arranging.

He took steps to come clean with Audrey about his deceitful ways.

Stephen and Leo had a go head to head on the gantry, yet Leo knock his head off the railings.

He was then moved to his demise by Stephen, winding up in a receptacle.

Later on, watchers could see Stephen hauling the body out of the refuse container and moving it into a Hidden world van.

In any case, does this imply that Stephen could kill once more?

Fans feel that Stephen will kill Gabrielle

Fans figure that Stephen has it in him to kill once more.

They imagine that his ex, Gabrielle, will be his next casualty subsequent to seeing him quiet Leo when he took steps to uncover his untruths.

Gabrielle additionally took steps to come clean with his family in the previous evening’s episode, so might she at any point be killed for a similar explanation?

One fan said: “Figure Stephen will kill in the future… I’m thinking next could be his ex.”

Another watcher tweeted: “So Stephen kills Leo then he perhaps kills his significant other, or potentially abducts her and goes off the deep end, well perhaps this is the manner in which the story goes?”

A third fan expressed: “Stephen’s significant other will be straightaway.”

Might Gabrielle at some point be straightaway?

Will Gabrielle be Stephen’s next casualty?

Last week, Gabrielle showed up at the Platts’ home and had a comfortable visit with Stephen’s loved ones.

She recommended that she could return in half a month’s time and have one more find them.

Gabrielle was subsequently seen let Stephen know that he expected to give her the cash he owed her, or she’d pay his family another visit and come clean with them.

She would uncover how he took every last bit of her cash.

Stephen guaranteed that she’d have the cash, however what occurs on the off chance that he can’t hack up the money?

Will Gabrielle be his next murder casualty?

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