Coronation Street viewers spot actor’s twin in police scene

Viewers of Coronation Street were forced to take a second look after spotting an actor who remarkably resembled Kevin Webster.

Following a surprise visit from social services, Kevin has experienced several near misses this week.

When Jack was found fighting at school, Kevin became upset and eventually wrecked a customer’s automobile.

He repeatedly shattered the front window with a wrench after running into trouble while making repairs.

He fled to the garage after the cops were called, but an irate client made sure he would see it out to the very finish.

Viewers saw the police meet Kevin tonight, but to their surprise, there was a successful outcome because the victim opted not to file a complaint. Kev exhaled in satisfaction as he escorted them out after determining there was no damage to the property.

One policeman caused viewers to wonder whether he was Kevin’s twin brother because of how similar they thought he appeared. The resemblance were uncanny, including their identical height and matching salt and pepper beards.

One viewer shared their disbelief at such an unexpected mirror resemblance on social media and stated: “Anyone else believe Kevin and the arresting copper resemble one another? Their different accents and hairlines are the only things separating them.”

“Is that Kevin’s stunt double impersonating a cop in Corrie?” a third person chimed in.

“That copper looks like Kevin’s long-lost twin brother,” a third observer remarked.

The following final remark was made: “Is that copper related to Kevin?.”

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