Coronation Street viewers split during Toyah’s trial

The decision of whether or not Toyah would be sentenced for murder divided viewers of Coronation Street.

Tonight, Toyah was finally put on trial for killing Imran. After several weeks of turmoil, he passed away, ending his conflict with Abi over their infant son Alfie.

When Imran was questioned about accusing Abi of obtaining and using narcotics, a car accident prevented him from going any farther with his confession. Toyah lost control of the vehicle while they were driving to the station, gravely hurting both of them.

Imran managed to free himself from the rubble and pleaded with those assisting to concentrate on Toyah rather than him.

He had a cardiac arrest after they were both set free, and he passed away before he could reach the hospital.

Toyah struggled to forget the incident, but she was soon charged with murder. Not long ago, she had trouble understanding that she wouldn’t be able to adopt Abi and Imran’s child, which strained their relationship.

Viewers were divided over how her trial would turn out and whether or not she would be punished after suffering for months.

One viewer asked: “Ok, have I forgotten Toyah & Imran’s crash? He didn’t die in the crash, so how can she have murdered him?” in an attempt to guess which way the case will go.

Surely the technicality would be that the heart attack might have happened at any time?

Someone else commented, “I bet they’ll play the recording of Toyah’s confession in the trial…?”

An additional observer said, “Prosecution lawyer on fire. There was no cause for Toyah to abruptly lose control of the car, as she stated, given the evidence had already been established. Given its prior problems, it may be a different situation if it were her vehicle. Also, unless you’re hiding something, why delete the voicemail?

Don’t precisely know how this trial is going to proceed, but in my perspective, Toyah’s fascination with vegan lasagna is the only thing illegal about her.

Toyah declared that she would need to testify for herself in order to clear her name, but she swiftly gave in to the pressure. Before her emotions overcame her, she yelled, “I didn’t mean to kill him,” while fighting back tears.

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