Coronation Street viewers question why dog was killed off in favour of a replacement

Viewers of Coronation Street questioned why Cerberus was killed off shortly before they accepted Freddie, Roy’s new puppy.

On Monday night, Freddie made his entrance, and the cafe was soon the center of attention. The new puppy was introduced to the street by his owner Melvyn, and Glenda, Evelyn, and Roy all developed feelings for him.

When Melveyn “took a turn” that evening, Roy stepped in to look after Freddie while his master was in the hospital. Despite his best efforts, Roy’s love for the puppy is evident to everyone in the room.

Only a few weeks have passed since the demise of Eveleyn’s dog, Cerberus, before Freddie shows around.

The greyhound ate the entire cafe cake after it fell to the ground, which resulted in a tearful farewell at the vet.

The loss of Cerberus left viewers inconsolable, and now that Freddy has been added, many are questioning whether it was truly necessary. “Why couldn’t Cerberus and Freddie be together?” a viewer questioned.

A different person said, “What was the point of killing Evelyn’s dog just to bring in a new one?” A third responded: “Roy owns a dog after being charged with killing one. God operates in a strange manner.

Roy attempted to give Freddie to a shelter, but following intervention from the cafe workers, he was persuaded to take the puppy home himself.

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