Coronation Street viewers distracted by ‘problem’ as Claire Sweeney’s character rushed to hospital

As Cassandra Plummer was being brought to the hospital, viewers of Coronation Street were perplexed.

In order to get back in touch with her son Tyrone Dobbs, the character, played by Claire Sweeney, recently travelled to the Cobbles. In the role, Claire underwent a drastic metamorphosis to play the character, a recovering drug addict, and she is a far cry from her gorgeous self.

She had promised Tyrone in the show that she is now sober and headed in the right direction for recovery. That was far from the case, though, as Monday’s episode revealed since she was having problems with Dean, the drug dealer.

Before Michael intervened to save Cassie and transport her to the hospital, Dean attacked Cassie.

But the drama was far from over when Dean followed them to A&E and attacked Michael.

In an effort to defuse the situation, Cassie emphasised that calling the police would only make things worse. While the scenario played out, spectators who were watching the show on Twitter were perplexed as to why the hospital lacked protection.

“A fight breaks out in the hospital waiting room,” Eileen reported. No protection. Everyone is keeping to themselves. Drug dealer quickly leaves. Behind the desk, a small woman emerges. “Cassie”. All is back to normal. Is this show now completely implausible?

What were the security personnel doing during the hospital commotion, Mandy continued?

Pam wrote: “And where the heck was security.”

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