Coronation Street viewers distracted as they notice Fiz’s relative ‘missing’ from wedding

The recent episode of the iconic ITV soap opera Coronation Street left viewers bewildered when they realized Chesney Brown had skipped his sister Fiz’s wedding.

Fiz and her new husband Phill Whittaker eventually made it down the aisle and exchanged vows after weeks of ups and downs.

However, keen observers were perplexed by the absence of important neighbors, such as Fiz’s brother Chesney, from the extravagant wedding celebration.

Jumping onto Twitter, followers discussed Fiz’s special day and how much they missed Chesney.

One writer wrote: “Why didn’t Chesney attend the wedding of his own sister? There was Gemma.”

“Well, Gemma’s there, but where are the kids and Chesney, especially since he’s fizz’s brother,” said another.

“Anyone know where our Chesney is at?” asked a third.

A fourth then added: “What makes Sally not with Tim? What about Chesney?”

But one astute fan clarified for others who were perplexed: “For those questioning, Fiz mentioned Chesney was ill around 20 minutes ago.”

Chesney was absent from the couple’s special day, but many people also seemed to notice that other members of the illustrious street were absent.

One online user stated: “I find it amazing how many characters at soap opera weddings fail to make the guest list. While Fiz gets married, half of the street is still in operation.”

Another questioned, “Why is Phil’s side of the wedding empty?”

Fiz went through with the wedding, but it quickly became clear that she was seriously having second thoughts.

Fiz paused for a while before saying her vowels, but she nevertheless summoned the confidence to speak, leading Phil to believe that she stumbled due to nerves.

Even though they had only been married for a short while, Fiz made it known to Phill later in the show during the reception that she could no longer maintain her marriage to him.

Fiz ended up back in Tyrone Dobbs’ arms after fleeing the wedding celebration.

The two exchanged a passionate kiss and a tender embrace after being startled to see Fiz waiting at her door.

As the drama developed, one user of social media tweeted: “Amazing @itvcorrie show, I can’t believe it. Fiz dumps Phill on the day of her wedding because their marriage was the shortest ever and she prefers Tyrone. Excellent work from the entire cast.”

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