Coronation Street to see emotional Hayley Cropper ‘return’

Hayley Cropper from Coronation Street will’return’ to the program via her recognizable red cloak.

Hayley and Roy Cropper said their final, tearful goodbyes eight years ago, but she’ll kind of be back in Weatherfield next week. Roy will experience the same heartbreak he did all those years ago, albeit it won’t be tangible.

The scenes from next week will show a cash-strapped Bernie convincing Roy’s niece to clean up his apartment for his birthday. After receiving the all-clear, she starts sorting through some old clothing till she comes across Hayley’s well-known red anorak.

She tosses the coat into a stack of stuff that will be donated to a charity shop without recognizing it. They don’t realize what has happened until some time has passed.

Roy is unaware until Evelyn presents him with a toy train for his birthday that he immediately recognizes as being his. Hayley rushes to retrieve her coat after realizing the train must have originated from the same charity shop where it was sent.

Evelyn immediately adopts her no-nonsense demeanor as she storms into the charity shop and pulls Joy’s anorak off her back. The Manchester Evening News stated that Joy is left perplexed when Evelyn leaves.

Julie Hesmondhalgh portrayed Hayley from 1998 to 2014; Julie received numerous honors for the role, which made Hayley the first transgender character in a British soap opera.

In addition, it’s safe to assume that Roy and Hayley were meant to be together. For Roy, no one has been able to take the place of his wife and best friend.

After Alma Baldwin introduced them, the two became friends, but things weren’t always easy for them at first. Roy realized he couldn’t live without Hayley and she traveled to Amsterdam for her surgery after the two of them broke up after Hayley disclosed she was a pre-operative transsexual who had previously gone by the name Harold.

They were such a strong marriage that they gave Fiz Brown and Becky McDonald a loving home and even succeeded in piercing Carla Connor’s tough shell. After the law was modified to recognize their relationship, Hayley and Roy were able to legally wed in 2010.

Julie, 51, of Accrington, announced her withdrawal from the program in January 2013; her exit was shown the following year in tragic circumstances as Hayley committed herself by swallowing a lethal cocktail in Roy’s arms in January 2014 after being diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer.

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