Coronation Street to revisit Sam Blakeman and Hope Stape storyline

Jude Riordan, who plays Sam Blakeman on Coronation Street, has stated that the drama will revisit his relationship with Hope Stape.

Sam and Hope decided to date earlier this year, but after Eliza Woodrow, a newcomer, joined their social circle, things were awkward for the young people.

Hope battled jealousy as Sam grew closer to Eliza, so she ruined a science project at Eliza’s birthday celebration and started a fire out of spite. Her actions outraged Sam, who stated that their relationship was ended.

Jude considered the plot while participating in a photo shoot for Inside Soap magazine to commemorate Corrie’s nominations for the Inside Soap Awards 2023.

Exclusive video access to the shoot was offered to Digital Spy, who spoke with all of the cast members.

Jude explained to Digital Spy what might happen to Sam in the future: “Since Sam and Hope split up, there’s been a vacuum between them. They will, however, gradually begin to re-adhere to one another.

Regarding the younger cast’s real-life dynamic, he continued, “We’re all fantastic pals! At the moment, my major collaborators are Savannah [Kunyo, who portrays Eliza] and Bella [Flanagan, who plays Hope]. We’re a tiny trio.

Naturally, Billie [Naylor], who portrays Ruby, has joined the cast; she is a new addition, and we are all pals.

Jude, who is up for the Inside Soap Awards’ Best Young Performer award, expressed his joy at being recognised.

“I don’t make it a big deal, but it’s just nice to be nominated,” he remarked. Although simply being nominated is incredible, winning would be fantastic.

Iain MacLeod, the show’s producer, mentioned plans to introduce Sam and Hope as a significant new double act earlier this year.

In February, he said to Hope and Sam on Loose Women on ITV: “We’re taking as our benchmark ‘PJ and Duncan’.

What if we could take these young children, who are about 10 years old, and nurture their friendship for ten years?

Obviously, both of those performers are so great that they might very well be off to Hollywood by the time they are 14 years old. That is what we’re attempting to accomplish. However, we’re attempting to PJ and Duncan them up if we can hold onto them.

You can view the complete behind-the-scenes video from the nominees’ photoshoot at the top of the page. Jude has been nominated for the Inside Soap Awards’ Best Young Performer award.

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