Coronation Street to Emmerdale: Craziest who’s the daddy plots

There have been some crazy whodunnits on Coronation Street, Emmerdale, and EastEnders in the past.

However, several of the Who’s the Daddy? schemes that have been ongoing for years.

Here are some of the most bizarre…

Sarah Platt – Coronation Street

When little Sarah Lou was sexually assaulted as a schoolgirl, it became one of the most significant Corrie storylines in history.

As a little child, the horrors of the situation around her pregnancy were terrifying.

Fans were worried that Sarah had been assaulted, but it turned out that it had not been a grown man or even a much older boy who had abused her.

It was actually another 12-year-old whose lone misdemeanor was a hasty error at a party. Bethany Platt showed up nine months after that.

Three years later, the boy, Neil, too passed away.

Amelia and Samson – Emmerdale

Amelia Spencer, a teen, was shocked to learn she was pregnant at the age of just 15.

However, it was nothing compared to the moment when everyone learned who the father is.

Everyone was certain that Noah Dingle, a pervert, was to blame, therefore it appeared that he was about to receive a quick, severe shock.

Instead, the revelation that Samson Dingle was the child’s real father shocked the audience.

And to make matters worse, he has had a complete personality transplant since then.

Michelle and Dirty Den – EastEnders

When EastEnders adolescent Michelle Fowler became pregnant, it made headlines.

Who could have successfully raped Pauline Fowler’s daughter while remaining alive?

After a protracted whodunit, it was finally identified as Dirty Den, the father of her best friend.

A truly shocking revelation.

Molly and Kevin and Tyrone – Coronation Street

Loverat Kevin Webster is the one who wooed Molly, the girlfriend of his closest friend.

It was all very ugly because Molly had an affair with Kevin’s closest friend Tyrone and Kevin had cheated on his wife Sally.

When Sally revealed she had cancer and Molly became pregnant, things only became messier.

Uncomfortably, Molly passed away in the significant tram accident in 2010, putting an end to the love triangle for good.

In her final minutes, Sally heard her say that Jack will need his father Kevin, which sparked another emotional eruption.

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