Coronation Street to Emmerdale: 6 teen pregnancies that shocked the nation

Shocking stories have appeared in Coronation Street, Emmerdale, and EastEnders, among other shows.

Infidelity, homicide, and, of course, unexpected teen pregnancies.

Amelia Spencer, a religious 15-year-old, is the most recent to discover she is pregnant.

The six most surprising ones that occurred in Soapland are listed here.

Coronation Street – Sarah Platt

Sarah Lou, my Sarah Lou, Sarah Lou!

But indeed, it was Sarah Lou, the 13-year-old with an angelic smile who was waiting for her mother in the doctor’s office and who had a positive pregnancy test and an urgent explanation to give.

The plot was what shook the nation and the cobblestones.

It wasn’t the end of the world, as demonstrated by the first of numerous teen pregnancy narratives.

Since Bethany wasn’t the victim of a grooming group, a serial killer, or possible kidnappers, raising her must have been simple.

Coronation Street – Faye Windass

Years after Sarah Lou, Faye Windass became Corrie’s second adolescent mother.

She also had a very distinct experience from the original.

She kept her pregnancy a secret and made plans to give birth, leave her child, and carry on with her life.

However, she cried out for her parents as she went into labor and gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

She was compelled to place the infant for adoption, but mother Anna dissuaded her.

After a few months, Faye came to the realization that she couldn’t handle becoming a mother so soon and pleaded for Miley to be adopted.

However, she was offered to raise the child by dad Jackson’s parents.

Sadly, the baby’s name was Miley, and her paternal grandparents decided to leave for good and move abroad without notifying Faye.

Miley is still Faye’s only biological kid despite her being forced into early menopause.

Emmerdale – Amy Wyatt

There isn’t much more emblematic of Emmerdale than an elderly Dingle taking advantage of a young woman, forcing her into pregnancy, and then terrorizing her.

But Amy Wyatt was treated in this manner by Cain Dingle.

The ultrasound gave the 16-year-old the strength to fight him off even though he was desperate to make her have an abortion.

Kyle is currently being raised by both Cain and Amy following a great deal of turmoil, including the birth of the child, the deaths of his adoptive parents, and the marriage of his adoptive grandma to his biological grandfather.

Everything is very disorganized.

EastEnders – Lola Pearce

Lola experienced an unexpected pregnancy, which was a twist on the typical adolescent pregnancy plot.

She pressed her cousin Ben Mitchell about his claims of never having slept with a woman in an effort to disprove them.

Let’s just say that Lola confirmed it for him, and Lexi was born at a chicken shop nine months later.

Coronation Street – Amy Barlow

When Amy Barlow learned she was pregnant two years ago, Corrie decided to go for a hat trick.

However, stubborn Amy sought out professional assistance for her very grownup problem, unlike Sarah Lou or Faye Windass.

Tracy and Steve, the child’s parents, had other ideas and chose to adopt the infant.

Amy later got an abortion, but she initially told a falsehood and said she suffered a miscarriage.

When the truth was out, the soap did a fantastic job of handling the family dynamics and showed how supportive everyone was of one another.

Emmerdale – Debbie Dingle

Debbie Dingle carried forth the noble Dingle tradition of unwed pregnancies, just like her mother had done.

She was the result of a teenage love affair between her parents, Charity and Cain Dingle.

Although she was only 15 and he was an adult, she chose Andy Sugden as the father of her child rather than her cousin.

Sarah is long overdue for a child because she is quickly reaching adulthood!

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