Coronation Street to Emmerdale: 6 soap characters who changed for the better

EastEnders, Emmerdale, and Coronation Street all have more villains than they should.

However, there are situations when those villains can be turned around, and we have a list of characters that have improved.

Peter Barlow – Coronation Street

Peter Barlow, a womanizer, drunkard, and violent bully, used to make his beloved father Ken, a loverat, look like a Benedictine monk.

Peter has suffered greatly throughout the years, yet he is now like a zen master with a new liver.

Peter has changed and is now less of a nightmare and more of a normal family man because he is happy with Carla Connor.

Kim Tate – Emmerdale

Kim Tate has transformed into a surprisingly loving grandma for a woman who used to fix her cosmetics in the mirror she used to confirm her husband had passed away in front of her.

She used to beat you over the head, take your family’s wealth, and amass millions while establishing a criminal empire.

Kim is now more of a typical grandmother than a gangster grandmother in recent years.

She remains the ultimate soap superbitch, but she has a heart and will fight to the death for the people she cares about.

Stacey Slater – EastEnders

When Stacey Slater, a troubled youngster, first arrived in Walford all those years ago, she was like a tornado.

She was, in all honesty, more of a menace than Walford’s true gangsters, leading the charge as the second group of Slaters.

Stacey was out of control, sleeping with her father-in-law, committing unintentional murders, and having the occasional criminal arrest.

She now sells bacon sandwiches and is a much more composed and considerate presence in the Square.

Simon Barlow – Coronation Street

Teenage tearaways exist alongside Simon Barlow.

Let’s face it, as a teenager, he even battered his own mother in despicable acts.

That made his drug peddling in the future appear child’s play, yet even that started out right.

It turns out that having a violent alcoholic for a father and a dead birth mother, a prostitute for an adopted mother, may transform a troubled teen into a genuinely respectable young man.

Cain Dingle – Emmerdale

The aggressive and evil villain that was saved was possibly the bad boy of Emmerdale village.

Over the past 20 years, Cain has beaten, attacked, plotted against, and even groomed and abused his victims—stopping short of outright murder.

Cain has improved a little bit, despite the fact that he has never truly been punished for any of the numerous heinous atrocities he committed.

Even though his mother Faith had to develop fatal cancer first, he was still able to forgive her.

Tracy Barlow – Coronation Street

Most people wouldn’t be able to make the transition from murderess, temptress, and all-around baddie to nurturing mother and florist, but Tracy Barlow has.

She evidently became slightly insane throughout the years she spent listening to her records upstairs, which led her to decide to murder the real criminal Charlie Stubbs.

It’s the only premeditated soap opera murder that viewers supported.

After serving some time in prison, she is now Steve McDonald’s part of a duo act and does floral arrangements in her leisure time.

She still has a killer instinct, but she tends to reserve it for those who pose a threat to her family.

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