Coronation Street theory: Zeedan Nazir sentenced to life in prison as he turns killer

Following his grandma Yasmeen Nazir’s suffering at the hands of her evil husband, Geoff Metcalfe, Zeedan returned to Coronation Street last year.

When it was discovered that the heartthrob had stolen money from his father-in-law, Hashim Elamin, the drama centered on him (Vincent Ebrahim).

Zeedan has been running the Speed Daal restaurant since the latter passed away, but as he plays a bigger role in Stu Carpenter’s (Bill Fellows) current ITV soap opera narrative, it’s possible that he could soon be in jail.

Recent scenes have revealed to viewers and the rest of Weatherfield that Stu allegedly killed a young woman he was seeing 27 years ago.

Yasmeen is still unclear of what to think as next week approaches, but it appears her grandchildren are on a mission for justice.

Soon after learning from Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) that the detective who questioned Stu at the time of the murder took an early retirement, Zeedan gets involved in the investigation.

This was shrouded in mystery, nonetheless, as many police officers were unaware of the circumstances surrounding Detective Lennox’s abrupt departure.

Zeedan wants Craig to find out more information since he’s curious, but the young Nazir has another obstacle to overcome.

Stu writes him and his grandma letters appealing with them to see him in jail, but Yasmeen throws the letters away.

Yasmeen is anxious as she gets ready for her fundraising after learning that Stu might be released in a few days.

When it comes time for her to speak at the fundraiser, she starts to freak out over the situation.

Later, when Roy Cropper (David Neilson) contacts Speed Daal, he discovers his pal having a panic attack and having trouble breathing.

Zeedan makes the decision to stop by Stu while this is all going on and see what he thinks of Craig’s discovery.

Stu discusses with Zeedan his case files and how they would show he is not guilty of killing the young woman with whom he was having an affair.

Zeedan phones the solicitor’s office knowing he needs legal assistance and requests Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) examine the case files.

Yasmeen is shocked when Adam subsequently informs her that he has requested the case files; he believes she is aware of the scheme.

Knowing that her grandson is assisting the alleged murderer, she confronts Zeedan. Later, the prisoner requests to speak with Yasmeen while Zeedan is on the phone with Stu.

She ends the conversation before hearing what the man has to say.

Zeedan goes ahead and meets up with Adam in spite of his grandma being opposed to the concept of getting in touch with and aiding Stu.

The attorney informs him that he can examine Stu’s case files, but doing so will cost the Nazirs more than £1,200.

In a conversation with his sister, Zeedan requests Alya Nazir’s (Sair Khan) assistance and support in his endeavor to set Stu free.

They decide to split the cost in half, and the files are given to them when they visit the solicitor’s office again.

Whatever is in these files, it may be sufficient for Zeedan to consider killing someone while demonstrating his ardent support for Stu.

Zeedan would desire justice after learning more about Detective Lennox, who made sure Stu was imprisoned for a crime he did not commit.

Zeedan would want to confront the elderly figure once he arrived at the former detective’s home about how abhorrent his treatment of Stu was.

The man could admit to all he did because he is in such poor health and is obviously nearing the end of his life.

When Zeedan sees red, he might decide to take his own life sooner than he intended, and in his haste to get away, he might neglect to remove all the evidence.

Here, the killer might be apprehended by the police in an instant, and Zeedan could receive a life sentence with no doubt that he committed the crime.

The actor who plays Stu, Bill, has spoken out about having the backstory for his character in light of this potential plot surprise.

The soap actor stated: “I thought the plot was fantastic when [producer] Iain MacLeod first described it to me, and I enjoyed the twist.

“It astonished me to see that Stu had spent 27 years in prison. It also startled me to learn that Stu had an affair with a young waitress while he was married and had a child at home.

“But that’s why I refer to Stu as having flaws, and I love this tale because I love that Stu has flaws and has made mistakes,” the speaker said.

Will Zeedan’s efforts to aid his friend result in the final cost?

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