Coronation Street theory: Yasmeen Metcalfe devastated after Stu’s past secrets exposed

Speed Coronation Street Yasmeen, the manager of Daal, gave Stu a position at her restaurant and welcomed him with open arms.

Though not much is known about the former vagrant, his secrets may soon come to light.

According to a new notion, Yasmeen might seek out the truth about his enigmatic daughter but stumble onto some sinister truths along the way.

Stu recently admitted to Yasmeen that despite not seeing his daughter for more than 15 years, he has still sending her gifts.

When a package was returned to him from the address he had for his daughter’s new owners in earlier scenes, he got dejected.

Due to the fact that he was no longer able to reach his daughter, Stu believed that his efforts had come to an end.

In upcoming scenes, Qasim Akhtar’s Zeedan Nazir receives a call from a buddy inviting him to spend a week in Athens.

Stu offers to stand in for him and says that he too has fond memories of Athens, but given his incident with the alcohol, can he be relied upon to stand in for Zeedan?

When Stu brags about the family vacations he had in Athens, Yasmeen begs him to keep looking for his daughter instead of giving up.

Yasmeen confides in Zeedan her worries about Stu and how he is handling not knowing where his daughter is.

She says that in order for Stu to get in touch with his daughter, she decided to try to track her down on her own.

Will Yasmeen learn some truths, though, that will alter the way she feels about Stu?

Will his daughter reveal his past upon her return, costing him everything he has worked so hard to achieve with Yasmeen?

Actor Bill Fellows recently talked openly about the character’s evolution from his initial scenes in 2021 for

Regarding Stu’s reaction to receiving the package back, Bill explained: “That truly deals him a serious blow.

“Because he has been sending her gifts for however many years, but has never received a thank you or anything else in return, it is pretty confusing.

He simply believes that she must have received it. As a result, when it is finally returned, he knows she hasn’t received the gift, she has moved on, and he doesn’t have her address.

“I believe that has crushed him severely. It makes him temporarily turn to alcohol, and it hurts a lot, which is weird because you would have thought you would have heard back from your daughter 15 years ago.

But even though he harbored that optimism, it has been entirely destroyed by a kind family that was merely returning a gift. So even something so elementary has hurt him greatly.

I believe he is very tempted to give up, but with Yasmeen’s assistance and our discussion on family values, he resists.

“His daughter is a very important thing for him. It’s still there even though he’s been away from it for a while. It takes on a significant role in the narrative.

Since they first met, Yasmeen has been keen to help Stu and has given him space to navigate Speed Daal on his own.

Will Stu’s prior secret cause her to lose faith in him and her kind nature?

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