Coronation Street theory: Villain Frank Bardsley returns to kill Sean’s new love interest

Several months ago, Frank made his grand debut on Coronation Street as Sean’s new boyfriend.

Before Frank started to reveal his true colors, the pair appeared to be a couple made in heaven.

Frank not only yelled at Dylan Wilson, Sean’s kid and newbie to the ITV serial, but he also used to yell at George Shuttleworth at school.

Prior scenes showed viewers Sean dumping Frank for verbally abusing Dylan after Dylan’s football game.

Fortunately for Dylan, Sean saw the entire incident and broke up their brief affair without hesitation.

You’re a gay man, and you’re telling my son to grow up and urging him to harm other children rather than acting the victim, right? Sean lost it.

“After everything that individuals like you and I have experienced?”

Frank retaliated, “Oh, cry me a river,” and said, “We know better than most how terrible it is out there.

“I’m not swaddling him in cotton wool; I’m preparing him for the real world.”

“I heard what you said to him, you said if he were your son, you’d be ashamed of him,” Sean responded.

Frank attempted to retract his statement, but Sean would have none of it.

Frank responded, “Let’s put this behind us, I’m hungry,” but Sean snapped, “Are you kidding me?”

“Dad, it’s okay,” Dylan persisted as Sean replied: “No, it’s not okay.

“I have had to listen to this for years and years. Do you really believe I’ll stand by and watch while it happens right outside your door?

Sean responded, “Who?” Frank replied, “You’re as evil as he was.”

Sean interrupted Frank’s explanation that he meant George by saying, “Frank, disappear.”

You’re done with me, he said before adding, “I’ll vanish once I have my sneakers and that moisturizer you keep stealing.”

Later, Dylan and George made an effort to comfort Sean after his separation.

Sean has had bad luck with women, but there is still hope for him, according to official soap opera spoilers.

Eileen surmises that Sean is longing for newcomer Laurence, the gorgeous dentist he met at the wake presided over by Glenda Shuttleworth, in scenes slated to air next week at No. 11.

Glenda makes a promise to track him down on Sean’s behalf after that.

George is impressed by his sister’s sass while Eileen seems slightly offended.

When George discovers Laurence loitering outside the morgue, he is taken aback and decides to set up Sean for a date.

Glenda is overjoyed, and Dylan believes he cannot possibly be worse than Frank.

Sean tells Eileen, Mary, and Glenda that by swearing off men, he is putting Dylan first while Laurence waits in the café.

Sean and Laurence get along great over drinks in the café, and Dylan instructs his father to meet Laurence.

Could Frank return in an effort to exact revenge on Sean if a new romance materializes?

Although Frank is already known to be a bully by viewers, what if his jealousy becomes too much for him?

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