Coronation Street theory: Tyrone Dobbs killed as Phill learns of Fiz’s betrayal

Tyrone was longing for Fiz, but he’s finally come to terms with the fact that she’s moved on with Phill.

Despite having recently married Phill, Fiz decided to flee to Tyrone in last week’s dramatic Coronation Street events.

According to official ITV soap opera spoilers, Phill might learn the reason for Fiz’s change of heart. Could there have been a fight that resulted in Tyrone’s demise?

Phill, who is still in denial, will go out all the stops in upcoming episodes to win Fiz over once more.

Phill launches a series of daredevil endeavors to demonstrate the depth of his love for Fiz, including a grand gesture with a Mariachi band, unaware that Tyrone is the cause of his heartbreak.

“I think love is blind and love can make us do very, very out of character things,” actor Jamie Kenna said.

He basically wears his entire wardrobe of dress-up outfits as he tries to conjure up scenarios to win her back.

He simply attempts every possible romantic gesture, but from the outside looking in, it’s kind of uncomfortable and embarrassing to witness. Bless him.

Will Phill be able to rekindle his bride’s love, or has Fiz’s heart truly returned to Tyrone?

Jamie responded, “No, I don’t think he [Phill]] [is] aware of Tyrone’s part in Fiz’s decision.

“Again, he is not a fool; he is aware that Tyrone still harbors love for him and that they have a past; this will be on his mind, but he will also be considering a myriad of other possibilities as to why this has occurred.

“Despite the fact that it will be one of the things on his mind, I believe he will ignore it since, if it were the case, why hasn’t it happened before?

“With the book, Phill’s errors, and the fact that she moved back in with Tyrone, she had plenty of chances if she wanted to stay with Tyrone. Therefore, I don’t believe that’s his first guess as to why this has happened.”

Tyrone is a source of support for Phill as well, and Jamie said that Phill regards Tyrone as a friend.

He said, “I think it’s rocky and they’ve definitely had their moments, with concrete being one of them, but I think there’s quite a lot of parallels and they’ve got quite a bit in common.

“They would have been great friends in a different universe.

“Though it’s been gradual, Phill believes that their friendship is growing.

And Phil undoubtedly envisions a world in which all three of them can coexist together, with the daughters serving as their focal point.

How would Jamie react if he learned that Fiz and Tyrone had reconciled?

He implied that this might have a significant effect on his character.

Could a careless and uncharacteristic Phill kill Tyrone if he learns the truth?

He might find him and confront him, in which case things might spiral out of control.

Tyrone could be fatally punched by Phill accidently.

Knowing he killed Tyrone would be agonizing for Phill because he loves Fiz and worries about her kids.

If anything bad happens, would he stay to explain, or could Phill run away?

The entire situation, according to the celebrity, is “totally terrible,” as “the whole pack of cards comes tumbling down.”

He asserted that he thought his character would stand up for Fiz to the very end, but that anything may happen.

Phill may be acting like a man of reason right now, but when he discovers the truth, his behavior might change.

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