Coronation Street theory: Triple exit as Fiz leaves Weatherfield with Phill and Hope

Following a few hiccups in their relationship over the past few months, Fiz Stape and Phill Whittaker are scheduled to wed this week.

According to a brand-new notion published by, Tyrone Dobbs may be devastated when the newly formed family decides to leave the cobbles to begin their new life.

Icon from Coronation Street After years of ups and downs in her relationships, Fiz is now receiving her dream wedding.

Tyrone begins to feel as though he has little time left before losing Fiz for good, so he takes the plunge in upcoming scenes as she gets ready for her new life with Phil.

Will Fiz leave Weatherfield to begin her new life with Phil away from the painful memories if Tyrone makes a passionate confession?

In forthcoming scenes from tonight’s episode, Tyrone discusses his feelings for Fiz with Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell).

Kevin determines that Tyrone must tell Fiz the truth about how he feels now or never because there is a remote possibility that she will feel the same way.

Tyrone calls Fiz’s home after a day filled with mishaps and numerous passionate chats with her, offering to replace the destroyed bridesmaid dresses worn by Ruby Dobbs (Macy Alabi) and Hope Stape (Isabella Flanagan) with new ones.

Then, he makes the confession, telling Fiz that he still loves her and assuming that she feels the same way. He asks her to reflect on his confession.

Tyrone’s admission might give Fiz more clarity, leading her to decide to uproot the family from Weatherfield and start over again.

Tyrone’s amorous admission might come too late, leaving him sad if he is unable to win Fiz back.

Actress Jennie McAlpine of Fiz recently discussed Tyrone’s surprising revelation with and other media outlets, calling it a “complete shock.”

Of course it’s perfect, she said. She was content prior to any of it occurring if he hadn’t cheated on her with Alina Pop and Ruxandra Porojnicu.

Thus, it comes as no surprise to her when he says it because, over the past few weeks or months, he has been making it clear that he wants things to return to normal.

So, it’s not entirely surprising when he declares his love for you and desire for a reconciliation. That has, I believe, been rather evident.

“But the timing is very terrible. She still desires to wed Phil, nonetheless.

Jennie continued, “When I say she wants to marry Phil, she is going to marry Phil. ” This was in reference to how Fiz feels the morning before the wedding.

“La la la it didn’t happen, he shouldn’t have said it, simply a moment of lunacy,” I imagine her thinking.

“This wedding will have to go on as planned; this is what we’re doing. She probably had that thinking in the morning, so we’re going for it.

Louise Marwood’s portrayal of Camilla Whittaker, Phill’s ex-wife, inexplicably appears in addition to the drama surrounding the damaged gowns.

In later scenes, a stunning woman appears out of a car and presents herself to Fiz as Camilla, Phill’s ex-wife, leaving them both speechless.

Phill is perplexed and shocked by her appearance, but he reassures Fiz that he can’t wait to marry her.

Fiz feels compelled to bring Camila to the hen night after Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) is compelled to apologize to Mimi Halliday (Margot Leicester).

At the occasion, however, a game of Mr. and Mrs. revealed that Camilla knew Phill considerably better than Fiz, and Camilla insisted that she and Phill were really in love and that he wanted her back.

Insisting that he has not done so, Fiz confronts Phill about emails he allegedly wrote to Camilla. Has Phill been unfaithful to Fiz?

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