Coronation Street theory: Toyah Battersby to miss court date as she flees Weatherfield

Icon from Coronation Street After her husband Imran Habeeb died in a vehicle accident that she caused, Toyah has had a difficult few months.

Spider Nugent (Martin Hancock), her former lover who had been absent from Weatherfield for 20 years, showed up while she was on trial for the murder of Imran.

Since his return, the two have become closer, and they just spent a hot night together. However, as Toyah adjusts to life as a protester once again, she may start to act in ways that jeopardize her standing in the court.

Griff, a protester buddy of Spider’s, was introduced to Toyah during this episode, however his presence seemed to frighten Spider.

Leanne Battersby, Toyah’s sister (Jane Danson), has been keen that Toyah should continue to be cautious about Spider and hasn’t approved of his return to their lives.

Adam Barlow, played by Samuel Robertson, entered the Bistro where he was working and approached Leanne, saying, “I noticed that Spider helping Toyah take her stuff out of her flat earlier, they look very snug together.”

“Well if you think that’s awful, I’ve heard that Adam Barlow fella has been with everyone,” she retorted sarcastically.

He has also attended Peter Barlow’s misses, get this. I’m sorry, but did you really think you were going to stay and talk bad about my sister?

She went to Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) after Adam indicated he wanted a black coffee and asked: “Why is our Toyah hanging out with Spider? He’s going to get her in trouble.”

He responded, standing up for his sister-in-law: “How much more trouble could she get into when she is already on trial for kicking out her husband? Maybe having a distraction may be beneficial for her.”

Toyah doesn’t engage in diversion; once she commits, she is fully engaged, as Leanne remarked.

Later, while eating lunch in the cafe, Spider and Toyah are surprised by the appearance of an old buddy, who Spider doesn’t seem too excited to meet.

Strange voice said, “Fancy seeing you here,” leaving Spider to identify the man as Griff, one of the good guys, to Toyah.

Griff laughed and said, “Well, I wouldn’t go that far.” Spider then said, “We met on the M25, and we were blocking the highway.”

Before the group left, Toyah urged Griff to accompany them, and Griff reminded Spider of the impending demonstration.

Toyah eagerly cried, “Can I come as well?” eager to participate.

Spider vehemently disagreed, saying, “No, it will be crawling with police.”

Willing to participate, she clapped back: “What do they claim? If you don’t contribute to the solution, you contribute to the issue.”

Later, Toyah visited Leanne and seemed satisfied with the day’s work. Leanne, however, had other plans.

Ah, there she is. I just saw you on the Grenada news. Congratulations. I’m just glad you didn’t leave a body part stuck to the pavement.

With a chuckle, Toyah said: “I was the rear guard, and only the folks at the front were glued. Leanne, you can make fun of it all you want, but it was truly very moving and thrilling.

“I am a doer; I had forgotten who I truly am; the protest was essential and is vital.”

Leanne yelled at her sister, reminding her that she was out on bail for killing Imran “Toyah, you are a lot of things—a smart sister, friend, aunt, sister-in-law, and kind person. You are also a brilliant sister.

But you have a trial coming up, and acting like a hysterical hippie who believes she is above the law while you stroll around won’t go over well with the 12 straight-legged jurors.

Toyah sarcastically retorted, “Ok, I hear ya, message received loud and clear. ” She did this because she wanted to give her sister what she wanted to hear.

Leanne said, “Right then, would you agree that if I requested you, begged you not to attend any more of these demos for my sake?” to which she replied, “I do care what you think.”

She made a joke and then stormed out of the Bistro, saying, “I am trying to make a difference while I still can, I am sorry.”

Is this the beginning of Toyah being influenced by Spider and Griff to hang out with the wrong crowd?

Could Toyah start to drift further away from Leanne and Weatherfield as she finds her voice in protest and wants to make a difference?

When Griff arrived at the cafe, Spider appeared concerned. Could he be the one to cause Toyah to skip her court dates and put her in further trouble?

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