Coronation Street theory: Todd Grimshaw sells undertakers as villainous plan unravels

After the chaos he started when he returned to the cobbles, Todd has changed his ways recently on Coronation Street.

In addition to lessening his mother Eileen Grimshaw’s pain, he has also made a good friend and coworker in George Shuttleworth, with whom he has been working at the funeral home on the ITV soap opera for months.

Unfortunately, everything could fall apart around them because it’s been suggested Todd might carry out one of his worst betrayals ever depicted on the program in order to line his pockets with money.

The Wednesday night show started with George getting a visit from a man he assumed was there to help him plan a loved one’s burial.

George allowed the man inside since he was delighted to help and knew that it would help the company make some money.

But George immediately realized this was a man from a competitor company, therefore it wasn’t long before he was throwing the stranger onto the street.

When the proposal to purchase the funeral directors was put out, George was offended by the idea and ended up fighting someone in the middle of the road.

Todd had no idea how much the company could be sold for and was shocked when he found out, which might have set the gears in his head turning.

Todd rushed into the house to question his boss about why he wasn’t going to sell as George updated Eileen on his day.

Todd queried: “Are you insane? They are making you an enormous deal. £400,000.”

George was adamant that nothing would happen and turned the tables on Todd after realizing that this was almost half a million dollars.

He said, “You’ve been looking through my trash,” and Todd responded, “I shouldn’t have to, you should confide in me.”

George responded, “I know exactly what the young man is doing,” “He is kerching, kerching, kerching, so pay attention. Before, you were to my rear. I was a man of principles, as you claimed.”

“What is wrong with being ingested and then vomited out? It’s how the world operates “Todd said, but George wasn’t at all satisfied by this.

“Well, that’s not how my world operates. Never, ever will I allow my customers to become prey to such bloodsuckers. There is no sale of Shuttleworths “Before storming out of the room, he uttered this.

Todd has always had an eye for money, therefore he is more than prepared to seize any chance to assist himself to some cash.

Todd might get the chance to see the morticians when Glenda Shuttleworth (Jodie Prenger), George’s sister, shows up later this week.

When his sister arrived, Todd’s supervisor was preoccupied, which gave Todd the opportunity to call the competition and pose as George.

This would enable him to close the deal and ensure that the company deposited the proceeds into his account.

George wouldn’t know what Todd would have done because the agreement stated that he would continue to run Shuttleworths regardless of the sale.

Todd might have already traveled halfway around the globe with the money he has taken by the time George realizes what has happened.

As a result, Todd’s wicked side would be back in full force because he only considers his own interests and disregards the effects of his actions on other people.

Will George oppose the sale because all of his labor will be for naught or will he consent to cede control of the company to another firm?

He would be supported in anything he did by his sister Glenda, who would keep him occupied with all of her shenanigans on the cobblestones.

Later this week, theater star Jodie Prenger, who has been cast in the part of the undertaker’s sister, will make her debut.

When talking about how she first discovered the show, the actress said: “She is a force to be feared. She has a strong resemblance to my mother.

“She is a ball of energy, sass, and good times.

The actress continued, “She does come off a cruise ship and there’s a freshness with her that is simply… she’s a delight to play.

Iain MacLeod, the executive producer, added: “With a fragrance of the exotic upon her arrival from the cruise ships, Glenda rapidly makes both best friends and foes in equal measure.

“The character is a lot of fun and has echoes of vintage female characters from Coronation Street.

“Jodie is an incredible talent, and we are all thrilled to have her on board. She immediately felt like a Corrie character when she arrived on set, and I anticipate that viewers will adore her.

Will Glenda make an effort to track down Todd as she ensures the bad guy returns every cent he took from George?

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