Coronation Street theory: Tim Metcalfe’s betrayal to Sally in Aggie affair twist

Due to Tim’s triple-heart bypass surgery-related impotence, his relationship with Sally is severely suffering.

Despite her best efforts to make things more interesting, she is upset after learning that he has been watching porn.

Can a new relationship grow into something more now that Tim has revealed his love to Aggie?

After looking over Tim’s internet history and discovering that he had been visiting pornographic websites, Sally will demand in a future episode that Tim attend the Casino Night alone.

The couple’s situation then takes a turn for the worse when he arrives home and discovers a note stating that she has made the extra bed for him to sleep in.

She accuses him of excluding her and suggests they spend some time apart.

He confides with Aggie in Victoria Garden, where the two have been getting closer over the previous few weeks, pleading with Sal not to give up on him.

Aggie offers to be his shoulder and encourages him to talk to Sally about his worries.

Tim tells Sally that he has had a phobia of passing away since since his huge heart scare, following her advise.

Tim doesn’t mention his talk with Aggie, which leaves Sally wondering what has finally caused him to open up.

Later that week, Aggie offers Tim a book on coping with death and encourages him to study it in an effort to support her buddy.

Sally is happy that after disregarding his concerns, he is now dealing with them head-on.

Tim neglects to note that Aggie was solely responsible for the book and the opening, though.

It appears like Sally’s worries about Tim being unfaithful from the beginning of the year may be coming true.

It’s possible that other characters from the ITV soap opera are involved in new rendezvous besides Tim and Aggie.

Due to their financial difficulties, Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) and Debbie Webster (Sue Devaney) may begin a new relationship.

The businesswoman suggests a feasible solution because they are both under extreme pressure to pay off their unending debts.

According to ITV previews, Debbie instructs Ryan to simulate a break-in so they may file an insurance claim.

He pushes them forward despite her having doubts because he intends to turn off the electricity on Casino Night and steal the money from the safe.

Ryan is plainly caught on the CCTV committing robbery, despite believing they got away with it, and is taken into custody on suspicion of theft.

Debbie is soon charged with planning an insurance scam.

Could he have fallen in love with her over the previous few weeks and find it difficult to get her into additional difficulty, despite the fact that he calls her from the police station and threatens to divulge all of their plans?

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