Coronation Street theory: Stu Carpenter’s heartbreaking link to Kelly Neelan uncovered

Speed Coronation Street Chef of daal Recently, Stu has been on a search quest to try and locate his daughter Bridget.

Yasmeen Nazir has offered some assistance, but he has also confided in his close friend Kelly.

Following Kelly’s release from prison and struggle with homelessness the previous year, the two became close.

Or is there a tragic connection between the two that brought them together by chance?

After Corey Brent (Maximus Evans) was imprisoned for the violent assault on Nina Lucas and the murder of Seb Franklin (Harry Visinoni), Kelly was released from prison (Mollie Gallagher).

She made an effort to atone for her role in the tragic attack when she got back on the street, but Nina was uninterested.

When they attempted to foster once more, her home life with Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) and Imran Habeeb (Charlie De Melo) was in jeopardy.

The main witness that came forward and assisted in Corey’s arrest was Stu. He did so by bringing forward a rucksack that the young man had attempted to throw away.

They became closer as they started to develop a deep connection as a result of the trauma they both experienced.

Is their relationship only that of friends who have both been through hard times, or is there more to it than meets the eye?

Actor Bill spoke to the media about the unique connection the two characters share, saying: “He is somewhat of a father figure because, from where I’m sitting, you can see he’s been living on the streets for some time.

“He has developed his street smarts, and when he met Kelly, it was clear that she was a lovely person as well as a young woman.

“Which is kind of unfortunate because, while not all people are predators, those who have had a few drinks before bed certainly are.

“As a result, I believe he developed feelings for her as a result of this. He also may have loved her because of her feistiness, and I believe he cared about her.

He is highly guarded, and dealing with Millie was a pleasure. We clicked right away. That’s something I’ve stated a few times.

“She’s 17. We bonded even though I was 64 years old, and I thought working with her as an actress would be great.

Could it be Kelly’s connection to him? Stu has been keeping a dark secret from those closest to him in Weatherfield.

Is there a chance that Stu is related to Kelly Neelan’s (Greg Wood) deceased father Rick Neelan and has been assigned to look after her?

If Kelly and Stu are related, this may jeopardize their friendship and shatter the young woman, who would be distraught to learn that Stu had lied.

After his ex-wife Lucy appears on the cobblestones and tells him to stay away from Bridget in subsequent scenes, Stu will have to make some difficult choices.

Following Lucy, Yasmeen learns some shocking information about Stu, which causes her to reevaluate her bond with the chef.

Over the past few months, the Speed Daahl chef has been Stu’s pillar of support and has even given him more responsibility at the eatery.

After Zeedan discovered him getting wasted during his shift and offered to cover for him if Yasmeen inquired, Stu lately reverted to his old ways.

However, Stu was unable to conceal his guilt and told Yasmeen what had happened. He also said that he understood if she wanted to let him go, but she recognized that he had made a simple error and gave him another chance.

Could she possibly have made a mistake here?

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