Coronation Street theory: Stephen Reid takes over Underworld in Weatherfield shake-up

Stephen just made a comeback to Coronation Street, but his nephew David Platt is not happy with his intentions to stay.

While his mother Audrey Roberts recovers from an accident, the businessman seems to have no plans to leave Weatherfield any time soon.

If he assumes control of Underworld, will he stir even more controversy?

When he relocated to Milan with Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien), Stephen made his final appearance on the ITV soap in 2007.

He summoned his cobbles back and returned to find his mother unconscious inside the neighborhood hair salon.

He returned to the soap opera, it turned out, after his niece Sarah contacted him regarding the escalating conflict between Audrey and Gail Platt (Helen Worth).

According to ITV soap opera spoilers, Sarah, an Underworld employee, will be pleased with Stephen’s business advise in upcoming scenes.

Carla Barlow (Alison King), whom Stephen tries to persuade, is persuaded that Underworld would benefit more by purchasing their silk from him.

Carla, however, is unconvinced by his offer and is of the opinion that dealing with family never turns out well.

David expresses to his family members their displeasure with Stephen’s meddling as well.

When Stephen informs Sarah that someone with her experience shouldn’t be following Carla’s directions, Sarah is upset but also flattered.

Will Stephen be able to use Sarah’s assistance to climb the ladder at Underworld given that the two had previously collaborated?

Could he decide to completely take over the factory and drive Carla out of business?

How would the other workers respond if Stephen was promoted to manager?

In subsequent scenes, tensions between Sarah and David are expected to increase as they engage in a verbal brawl over Audrey’s will.

Stephen is ashamed after Audrey leaves after becoming disgusted with the pair of them.

Since her grandsons Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) and David robbed her of £80,000 a few years ago, Audrey has already been betrayed by those who love her.

Recently, Todd, who portrays Stephen, spoke to the media about his connection with Audrey.

There’s nothing even somewhat weird about that, he said. Even if he didn’t grow up with her, I believe it’s really affectionate.

He’s quite upset with the rest of the family, which is difficult because he wasn’t present. He did admit that he regrets not being around more.

“We shot a great sequence when they are sitting on a bench, and I believe that the affection between them is evident.

“Sue is such a fantastic actor, yet she doesn’t think of herself as such. She reminds me so much of my own mother. Since we get along so well, acting in those scenes is simple.

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