Coronation Street theory: Spider Nugent’s wife unveiled as Violet Wilson in affair twist

In recent weeks on Coronation Street, Spider and Toyah Battersby have reconnected due to the passing of Toyah’s husband, Imran Habeeb.

The eco-warrior left again after getting into trouble trying to assist some homeless people since he didn’t want to bring any more issues to Toyah’s doorstep.

The two appear to be rekindling their emotions for one another when she requires his assistance in upcoming scenes of the ITV soap opera, which would be problematic since Spider is already engaged to Violet Wilson.

The drama starts the following week when Spider makes the decision to drop by and see Toyah because he knows that she must still be dealing with Imran’s death.

Spider speaks with Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) after learning how lonely she feels, and soon the sisters are moving in together.

Toyah expresses gratitude to her old lover for being the friend she needs at this time because she hasn’t had many people looking out for her lately.

Spider offers to assist Toyah as she packs her belongings, but Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) makes some subtle comments about the two in the street.

Spider refuses to put up with it and goes on a tirade, telling him to mind his own business, but this only gets him into more difficulty.

It doesn’t take long for Toyah to learn that Spider needs her assistance in obtaining his release after being detained during a protest.

The troublemaker receives a slap on the wrist from the authorities as a result of her quick arrival at the police station and defense of his position.

When the two characters are back in the apartment, Toyah chooses to lean in for a kiss after thanking them for their recent support.

Toyah decides to lead her ex-lover through to the bedroom as Spider immediately returns the passionate exchange.

The passionate time is short-lived, though, when Toyah asks her ex-boyfriend to leave the apartment after they’ve shared a bed.

Later, when Abi calls the neighborhood to see how her neighbor is doing, Toyah admits she slept with Spider.

Abi explains to Toyah that she is still grieving and that this is a normal part of the grieving process for her without passing judgment.

After Toyah has a second conversation with Spider, she asks if they can simply be friends, and he is more than willing to grant her wish.

Leanne is worried to see her sister with Spider once more as they head to the Rovers Return for a drink since she believes she is starting to develop feelings for him.

If she is, this might be a serious issue as Spider is later seen taking a phone call and indicating to the person on the other end that he will be returning shortly.

It’s possible that Spider is genuinely married and that he and his wife were wedded soon before he traveled from London to the cobbles.

Violet, Dylan Wilson’s mother, is another previous character who has been residing in London ever since they left Weatherfield.

Since Sean Tully’s son hasn’t yet seen Spider on the cobblestones, he is unaware that his stepfather is hanging out with Toyah.

Due to the fact that Spider and Violet had shared a home on Coronation Street, their love might have developed swiftly.

In actuality, the pandemic prevented them from living together and getting married in a tiny ceremony little over a year later.

Since Dylan has been spending the summer on the cobbles with his father, Sean, he might not even be aware that they are married.

But after reading about Toyah, he realized that he would have to leave his new wife after the wedding to visit his ex-girlfriend.

In order to prevent his wife from being concerned that he might see Toyah again, he could have lied to her about his travels.

Spider is aware that he must get back to his wife immediately after having a sexual encounter with Toyah in order to prevent romantic sentiments from developing.

If his secret is discovered, how will Toyah react? Will he confess to her how his wife is connected to Weatherfield as well?

Spider’s actor, Martin, earlier hinted that upon his return, his character would have a secret he would be holding from Toyah.

Martin clarified: “One of his oldest pals, Toyah, worries him a lot about what she’s been through.

“He’ll offer any assistance he can. The fact that Spider is back in her life provides her with the much-needed distraction from everything going on, but there is more to it than that.

And at this point, that’s all I have to say. I was shocked to learn what is coming up, and it’s going to be a real winner.

He said to, “I assumed I was just coming back to run a mung bean shop.”

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