Coronation Street theory: Sally Metcalfe heartbroken as she learns Tim’s sex secret

Tim from Coronation Street has been battling impotence after having a major heart bypass and has gone to great lengths to “correct” the problem.

He opted to take a version of viagra that he had purchased online, but it resulted in his needing to return to the hospital because he developed new cardiac problems.

In subsequent scenes, Sally is shocked to learn that Tim has planned a spectacular birthday celebration, but after talking about rekindling their sexual relationship, Sally might soon learn a terrible secret about her husband.

Tim has had Sally’s support throughout his difficulties, and she persuaded him to visit a sex therapist with her.

The two’s relationship appears to be improving, and in subsequent scenes, Sally is touched to learn that Tim has made her a special birthday brunch.

Additionally, he proposes that they spend the day unwinding in the hot tub, where they soon start acting like young children and running around.

Soon after, Tim declares that he can feel movement below. Sally exclaims that this is the nicest birthday gift she could have hoped for.

Sally tells Tim that he should listen to Sting’s discussion about tantric sex because it might hold the key to a fulfilling love relationship as she expresses excitement that their sexual life may be back on track.

Later, Tim cooks a special lunch for Sally and tells her he’s feeling much happier and thinks things will soon return to normal in the bedroom.

Tim’s sudden change of heart, nevertheless, raises the possibility that he has been keeping something from Sally.

Could Tim have been surreptitiously seeing other women behind Sally’s back as the couple’s sex life got back on track to help their marriage and his condition in the bedroom?

Could their relationship be irreparably damaged if Sally learns the truth, or may it encourage them to try new things for the sake of their marriage?

Sally Dynevor, an actress, recently spoke candidly about the significance of the plot, telling The Mirror: “It’s such an important story.

He has also undergone a heart bypass, and many men of his age experience impotence. Time and Sally have a reputation for scurrying upstairs and returning much later.

“They can’t do it anymore. In this country, we don’t talk about sex very often. The writing caught me off guard, and I kept wondering, “Can we say this at this hour of the evening?”

“We haven’t done this before, but I’m extremely glad to be doing it. It appears to be very contentious.

I’m hoping that I get some inquiries concerning the plot. Menopause is the only topic I discuss with my friends; we never discuss the other topics.

After incidents like Sally showing up in a nurse’s uniform, the duo has recently had viewers squirm in their hands.

The pair was eager to meet a sex therapist in recent scenes, but Tim made a terrible error when he mistaken a charity worker for their therapist.

representative of a charitable organization Tim misunderstood Barbara’s question regarding his opinion on donkeys and assumed it was a sex act.

Donkeys? He clarified. Well, things has quickly turned extremely strange.

Barbara, I’m willing to discuss, but perhaps it would be best to wait until my wife returns. After all, she plays a significant role in this.

Tim misunderstood the question during the difficult discussion about who in their relationship wore the pants, and Sally entered after saying the therapist was outside.

Tim tried to make light of the situation and offered his guest a chocolate finger as he was left red-faced.

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