Coronation Street theory: Sally Metcalfe exits as she loses all of her money in scam twist

After a very difficult beginning to 2022 on Coronation Street, Sally and Tim finally appear to be reaching a decent point in their relationship.

The stalwart’s husband continues to struggle in the bedroom because to the negative effects his heart medicine is having on his body.

In contrast, the couple’s finances may be in jeopardy in upcoming scenes of the ITV soap opera as Tim’s idea could force his wife to leave Weatherfield after 30 years.

Tim’s continual tossing and turning in the night is causing Sally, the beloved couple, to battle to stay awake during the day.

She now wants more than ever for him to recover and get his health concerns under control because they are beginning to affect more than just their relationship.

Tim decides it’s time to do something with his wife that will divert their attention after observing that she is under stress.

In an effort to raise money for Ed Bailey’s (Trevor Michael Georges) settlement, Debbie Webster (Sue Devaney) is hosting a casino night at the bistro, which he advises they go to.

They decide to dress up for the event, and it appears that for the first time in a long, the couple’s spirits have been raised.

Sally is ecstatic about the idea, and she wastes no time getting dressed for what she hopes would be a memorable evening.

However, it’s possible that one of the persons helping out with the casino night is actually a con artist, making it a night to remember for all the wrong reasons.

They might be choosing helpless individuals to coerce into handing up all of their money in exchange for a huge return that would never arrive in their bank accounts.

Sally can be persuaded by the con artist to divulge her bank data if she is feeling worn out and stressed out as a result of her relationship problems.

Unfortunately, she might only realize she made a significant mistake when it was too late.

When Sally checks her bank accounts, she might find that Tim’s money from their savings account and all of her own money have vanished.

This could have been thousands, so Sally started pestering Debbie for the phone number of the person in charge of that specific game.

Debbie might not have known that person was even in charge of one of the games because she would have had no communication with them due to the stress she was already under.

Sally would understand that she would have to give up everything she has worked so hard for after realizing she has been duped.

Sadly, this would also apply to the house where she and her ex-husband, Kevin Webster, reared their two girls (Michael Le Vell).

She and Tim may wind up living with his mother Elaine Jones (Paula Wilcox), who does not reside on the cobbles, if they are left with no other options.

This might be the end of an era for the stalwart as they depart with Weatherfield, but will she ever return?

Since she learned her father-in-law was abusing Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King) two years ago, this would be one of the most dramatic storylines the beloved character had undertaken.

The well-known Cobbles resident played a key role in Geoff Metcalfe’s (Ian Bartholomew) downfall, and although she assisted in Yasmeen’s rescue, she may not be able to save herself after this money scam.

The actress who portrays Sally has addressed whether she enjoys tackling more serious plots after playing the role for almost 40 years.

The soap opera actress said, “I love acting in comedies. My favorite. However, it’s also enjoyable to include a drama component. Therefore, I’m hoping for a little drama before the comedy resumes.

If we could just manage a little of both. I’m overjoyed. Yes, we just need more of those kinds of plots. It’s great, and I love it.

The middle-aged or older pair is a common sight on the street. We need to witness these people simply going about their daily lives while dealing with these minor issues, she said.

“Perhaps not the big issues, just the little things that everyone can relate to. And that’s why I adore Sally and Tim and why so many people relate to them.

The actor, though, has admitted that she relishes watching her character experience life’s ups and downs.

“People really adore the comedy and the fantastic writing,” Sally continued. I adore watching Sally and Tim experience these things.

It’s heartwarming to hear that the characters’ supporters care about them and want them to succeed.

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