Coronation Street theory: Phill Whittaker to kidnap Hope Stape in Fiz revenge twist

Phill’s short-lived relationship with Fiz on Coronation Street was a whirlwind that came to an emotional conclusion.

After their wedding ceremony, Fiz told Phill that she had second thoughts about her choice before returning to Tyrone Dobbs and repairing their relationship.

Phill took dramatic steps to try and convince Fiz that he was the one for her after deciding he didn’t want to give up on their love story.

However, Phill is about to give up on his aspirations in subsequent moments. Is Phill’s career over, or will he continue to operate covertly?

In subsequent scenes, Phill gives Fiz the annulment that has been signed, putting an end to their conflict.

So, if I know that she needs to use a prop, I’ll hide a crude letter in the tea urn or something similar so she discovers it during the take. She has to maintain her composure during all of that.

To see if we may catch one of his notes being discovered, keep a close eye on any upcoming sequences involving Daniel and Daisy.

Regarding Daniel’s romantic history, many people will always associate him with Katie McGlynn’s Sinead.

Mallard and McGlynn’s productive on-screen collaboration came to a stop when Sinead died away in 2019. But away from the camera, the performers are still great friends, and they recently reconnected at an awards event.

When posting a picture of herself and her widower together, Katie jokingly wrote on Instagram that it was “always nice bumping into your widower at an awards ceremony.”

Kimberly Hart-Simpson, who played Nicky Wheatley in Daniel’s other recent love interest, recently confirmed that she had completed her most recent run in the role. Wheatley recently left Weatherfield.

Hope Stape (Isabella Flanagan) opens her tablet after the family returns home from a celebratory dinner to discover a string of messages from a player by the name of Mad Dog.

Sam Blakeman (Jude Riordan) and Hope talk on their walkie-talkies about Mad Dog, and Sam admits he likes her.

The unknown player might just want to play with Hope, but what if Phill took extreme measures and made a fake account so that he could still feel connected to Fiz?

Hope might become close friends with the mystery player and consent to meet them if things go well.

Could Phill be waiting in the shadows to kidnap Fiz’s daughter in order to get revenge on her?

Fiz begged Tyrone not to tell Phill they were back together when they first made the decision to try their relationship again for fear he would postpone the annulment.

In a last-ditch effort to rescue their union, Phill suggested they visit a couples counselor.

Fiz, however, was startled when she realized that the counselor she and Tyrone had previously been seeing was standing before her.

After seeing that counseling was ineffective, Phill decided that the marriage was truly gone and went to the Rover’s to sign the annulment.

When he went back to the counsellor’s office after realizing his phone was missing, he was horrified to find Tyrone and Fiz in the middle of their own session.

Things went from bad to worse as Phill said his goodbyes to Hope and Ruby Dobbs with Hope accidentally revealing Fiz and Tyrone spent their wedding night together.

Heartbroken at her betrayal, this was the final straw and he berated the couple in the Rovers, referring to the annulment paperwork as Fiz’s own “declaration of independence”.

The couple stood in front of the tavern feeling terrible and humiliated as Phill proclaimed war on them and stormed out.

Phill might go over the edge and attack Fiz where it hurts—Hope—because of his rage toward Tyrone and Fiz.

Since Fiz broke up with Phill, fans have been inconsolable, but many found the incident when he barged into the counselor’s office disturbing.

Rachel Maines vented on Twitter: “Yes, as if they had permitted the front desk to be unmanned so that anyone could enter during that counseling session.

However, wouldn’t there have been a sign on the door indicating that a private meeting was occurring? #Corrie.”

Added by @Corrie Fan 90: “Phill just barges into a confidential therapy session without looking or saying sorry. Never again should I go to therapy, please. So unprofessional looking”

Accused Vicky Darling: “Come in and tell us what happened in confidence while we’re in the middle of counseling. Writers, do your job and put an end to this; it’s getting too predictable. #Corrie.” (sic)

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