Coronation Street theory: Leanne Battersby fights for her life after Spider Nugent attack

On Coronation Street, Spider Nugent just reconnected with Toyah Battersby, his ex-girlfriend.

Toyah was glad to see Spider back on the cobbles since she needed someone to lean on after the death of her husband, Imran Habeeb.

Leanne Battersby might, however, find herself in the hospital after confronting Spider about his plans for Toyah.

Although Toyah’s trial for Imran’s death on Coronation Street is still pending, she continues to maintain that the vehicle accident they were both involved in was an accident.

Viewers of Coronation Street will also be aware that Toyah and her ex-boyfriend Spider have been getting closer ever since Spider returned to the cobbles.

In upcoming scenes, Toyah accepts his invitation to join him at a rally he is organizing.

The troublemaker, however, becomes apprehensive when Griff, a fellow demonstrator, introduces himself to Toyah.

Spider tries to convince Toyah that Griff is a loose cannon after the demonstration and advises her to stay away from him while she is out on bail.

Leanne furiously accuses Spider of guiding her stepsister astray when she learns that Spider and Toyah have been rekindling their affair.

Leanne believes Toyah is headed for disaster, but could it be that she is actually in danger?

After Leanne confronts Spider about his return to Weatherfield, will he beg her to stay out of his affairs?

Spider may use violence towards Leanne in an effort to get her to leave him and Toyah alone because of his dubious past.

Would he go so far as to attack Leanne in a fit of wrath if she doesn’t listen?

Could Spider’s ambush leave the Coronation Street icon fighting for her life in the hospital?

Georgia, who plays Toyah, recently discussed the sequences that will take place after Imran’s passing.

She is undoubtedly appreciative of his diversion and thoughtfulness, the celebrity told Digital Spy.

She really doesn’t have that many pals. People like Alya have become quite hostile toward her, and Saira, Imran’s mother, is constantly criticizing her.

When you’re feeling weak, she shows a little tenderness, and she takes advantage of that.

Spider’s actor Martin has already hinted that his character may be withholding something from Toyah.

If he can persuade Leanne to keep the identity of the attacker from Toyah, may that be the secret?

Spider coming back into her life provides her with the much-needed diversion from everything going on, according to Martin, but there is more to it.

And at this point, that’s all I have to say. I was shocked when I learned what is coming up, and it’s going to be a cracker,” he told Radio Times.

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