Coronation Street theory: Kevin Webster’s long-lost son identified as Aaron Sandford

Since his marriage to Abi is back on track and he is not a suspect in a murder inquiry, Kevin believed the drama in his life may be coming to an end.

However, he encountered newcomer Aaron Sandford, who appeared to be an expert in mechanics, in Monday’s episode of Coronation Street.

Although their initial meeting was unpleasant, it appears they will become great friends on the ITV soap opera, yet their relationship may be closer than they could have ever imagined.

As the most recent episode of the weeknight serial drama began, the veteran appeared somewhat agitated as Kevin struggled to determine what was wrong with the car he was working on.

Aaron, a newcomer, was curious about the car parked outside and decided to walk past the garage while navigating the cobblestones.

Kevin said that he would have difficulty driving the vintage car because there was an issue with it as he indicated his willingness to do so.

The young man, who was studying to become a mechanic, believed he could offer his insight on what might be wrong, but the stalwart was not impressed.

The father of three ignored the newcomer after being instructed what to do by a mechanic who had recently finished their apprenticeship.

Aaron appeared to have made the right diagnosis, though, as Kevin realized the boy was right and his suggestions had proven effective.

Later in the episode, when the young man passed by the garage once more, there was no longer any tension as Kevin thanked the man for his assistance.

The stalwart said, “Aaron, you were right about that car, it was the radiator,” before asking if he felt he may be able to assist him with another vehicle.

The young man inquired as to whether or not he would be paid for his time, and the mechanic replied, “We’re slammed and we’re short-staffed.”

If you do a good job, I’ll hire you, Kevin said, “on a trial basis, of course, and if you’re any good, full-time.”

You completed your apprenticeship, right? The young man, who was excited to be working at the garage, questioned the mechanic.

Aaron might have a connection to the longtime soap opera character, which could be the reason he is so delighted to obtain the job.

Given that Kevin already had one child from his relationship with Molly Dobbs and two children from his marriage to Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor), it’s possible that Aaron is one of Kevin’s children (Vicky Binns).

Aaron might be a son he is unaware of because he was born before Natalie Horrocks (Denise Welch), his mother, departed the cobbles in 2000.

Natalie may have known she was carrying Kevin’s child when she left Weatherfield, but she thought the child would reject Kevin.

Unfortunately, Natalie would have known she couldn’t keep the truth from Aaron as he grew older and his love for mechanics became more apparent.

Aaron could have tried to meet his father on multiple occasions after telling him everything about him, but he always backed out out of fear of being turned down.

However, having Summer Spellman, his lover, live nearby (Harriet Bibby), would have given him additional motivation to meet his father.

Aaron might have believed that by getting to know Kevin first through their shared passion of automobiles, he might avoid revealing his true identity.

But how will Kevin react if he has another son, and how will this affect his future interactions with his family?

The character of Kevin is being played by actor Michael, who will turn 40 next year. Fans of the show continue to adore him.

The serial star responded when asked if he still enjoyed portraying the love-rat Kevin: “I adore it—I adore it utterly!

“I am fortunate to work with talented actors, which makes my job much simpler. Each week, I receive a different script.

“Working with Joe Duttine, Sally Carman, and Sally Dynevor is nothing like going to the office. The individuals in my life are a blessing.”

The actor responded when asked if he had ever envisaged appearing on the program for forty years: “No, I originally came in as ‘Neil Grimshaw,’ one of Rita’s paperboys, for a few episodes, and then a producer, Judy Hayfield, said they’d find something else for me when that stopped.

I was waiting to audition for a show called “Scully” when Judy H passed by and inquired if I was going for Kevin Webster. I wasn’t booked for Kevin Webster.

“She said to leave it with me, but I said no. I returned the following day, went on an audition, and was hired for the twelve-episode role.

“After seeing all twelve episodes, I went to Oldham College to perform in a panto before being asked to return to Coronation Street. That happened about 40 years ago!”

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