Coronation Street theory: Kelly Neelan kills Maria leaving Gary Windass devastated

On Coronation Street, Kelly views Gary and his wife Maria Connor as parents.

Fans of the ITV soap opera will recall that Kelly’s mother Laura Neelan selflessly accepted responsibility for Rick’s demise prior to her passing.

However, it seems like only a matter of time would pass until Kelly discovers Gary’s terrible secret. Could she exact harsh retribution by assassinating his wife?

In dramatic moments that were broadcast on Friday night, Kelly discovered a cash stockpile that belonged to her father and made the decision to try and atone for everyone he had defrauded while still living.

When a safeguarding When Gary discovered of her scheme, he was incensed since he was aware of the potential risk posed by her father’s network of loansharks.

The brash youngster disregarded Gary’s advice and met with an old business associate of her father.

But soon she was being held captive in a cellar and facing a £50,000 ransom demand.

Actress Millie, who played Kelly, spoke with the media about the reckless choice her character made that put her life in grave jeopardy.

She uttered: “She probably wants to do anything she can to save her dad’s work.

“She regularly referred to the money as “filthy blood money” when it was given to her by him.

“Therefore, in my opinion, it’s her means of making up for all the wrongs her dad did.

“She always believes in second chances, so even though I know it won’t help those who have lost their chance, it might help those who still have a chance.

She is making every effort to turn the situation around.

Added the actress: “She is also really obstinate. I believe that’s yet another quality she inherited from her parents.”

Since the terrible death of Seb Franklin (Harry Visinoni), Kelly, according to Mille, has been “determined” to follow her conscience.

Will one of her captors nonetheless inform her that Gary was to blame for her father’s demise?

Three years ago, after the sketchy man enticed him into the woods, Gary killed Rick in self-defense.

Gary and Maria took Kelly under their wing and made a promise never to divulge the truth to the child out of guilt.

If Kelly’s kidnapper could establish Gary was Rick’s murderer, how would Kelly respond?

In order to crush Gary’s heart, Millie may plan to harm or perhaps kill Maria because she knows how protective Gary is of her.

Would she immediately tell Gary that she knew his secret, or would she wait to plot her retaliation?

“I think it’s unfortunate,” continued Millie, “since Kelly came in as quite an innocent soul. She was obviously the school’s bad apple.”

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