Coronation Street theory: Gun-wielding thugs force Gary to choose between Kelly and Maria

On Coronation Street, Gary and Maria got married two years ago, and the union is still going strong.

When Kelly was an orphan, they took her in, but the youngster is still unaware that Gary killed her loanshark father Rick Neelan.

However, if Kelly and Maria were being held at gunpoint by Rick’s goons in subsequent scenes, who would Gary pick?

In tense scenes from the ITV soap, Gary saved Kelly from Rick’s cronies after she had been abducted.

The distraught teen attempted to make up for her father’s mistakes by compensating his previous clients, but instead she found herself being held for ransom in a cellar.

Gary was able to locate the men holding Kelly hostage and fight one of them off so they could get away and return to Weatherfield. Gary views Kelly as a daughter-like figure.

Will the kidnappers take Kelly again once everything seems to have calmed down and she is once again in Gary and Maria’s care?

The thug Gary beat up might be planning his retaliation as he heals from his wounds.

Will he discover Kelly and Maria’s residence and kidnap them both?

He might have a gun to make sure the two do what he says.

Will he force Gary to choose between his wife and Kelly, placing him in an impossible situation?

Gary loves Maria, but it is hard to foresee who he would choose to save because he has been struggling with the guilt of killing Kelly’s father for years.

Actor Mikey recently discussed his relationship with Kelly in a public interview.

The actor responded, “Everything that he’s done wrong in the past has always been done because he’s attempting to protect his family,’ when questioned about Gary’s tendency to engage in fight or flight.

He has never acted maliciously or with malice; rather, he has always done things for his family.

The actor claimed that Kelly is regarded as a member of his family by his character, who is happy with their recent closeness.

As he gets to know her better, even the way he speaks to her has evolved to sound more like a parent.

However, Mikey gave a clue that their friendship was taking her one step closer to learning the truth about Rick’s demise.

Fans of Coronation Street will recall that when the thief lured Gary into the woods, Gary killed Rick in self-defense.

In response to the guilt of his character, Mikey remarked, “He hates lying so you know I think all of this is done under false pretenses, you know, the reason she’s living with Gary and Maria is partially the guilt and he’s trying to cover things up.”

“Whenever it all comes out, I’m sure it’ll make for interesting reading,” he continued.


When Kelly is threatened with a pistol by Rick’s cronies, will she learn the truth about her father’s passing?

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