Coronation Street theory: Glenda Shuttleworth to take over Rovers as Jenny Connor sells up

George Shuttleworth’s sister, Glenda, was compelled to take care of her brother in the most recent Coronation Street episode after he took tramadol to treat his tooth ache.

She will shortly transition from the undertakers to the Rovers Return, it has been announced, as it appears the bar needs additional personnel.

She may wind up running the business, though, as there have been some signs that Jenny Connor would soon leave the ITV serial opera.

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Leo Thompkins (Joe Frost), Jenny’s partner, was acting extremely suspiciously when Daniel Osbourne first saw him in the early hours of the morning, dressed in a suit.

Soon after learning that it was Leo’s last day as a laborer in his current position, Daniel informed Daisy Midgeley of all of this (Charlotte Jordan).

Daisy notified Jenny after assuming her stepmother was being unfaithful, which made Jenny miserable as she left for supper with her boyfriend.

The owner of the Rovers at the time wasn’t having any of his attempts to cheer her up, so she finally confronted him about what he had been keeping from her.

Leo had actually been wrapping up some loose ends in Weatherfield for a quite different reason, so it seemed Daisy was way off the mark.

Jenny was astonished to learn that Leo had been keeping this information from her when he said: “You’ve got it wrong, I’ve got a new job, not a new woman.”

Leo said, “The same work I’m doing now, only for more money,” to her question of “what job.”

Jenny added, “But why does that mean you have to sneak about in the middle of the night?” with a suspicious tone in her voice. Leo replied that it was an overseas position.

“Due to the time difference, my interview was conducted through video chat and it was a late-night conversation. They reside in Toronto, Canada “said he.

Jenny assumed he was breaking up with her, but he instead asked his girlfriend to accompany him on a trip that would take them halfway around the world.

She didn’t seem to give him a straight response after he asked her to travel with him, leaving the Rovers owner shell-shocked by the news.

There isn’t much left for Jenny besides Daisy and her stepdaughter Carla Connor (Alison King), who still reside on the cobblestones.

She might think about leaving with Leo to start a new chapter in her life, keeping ownership of the tavern initially.

This would imply that Daisy would need to be joined by Glenda as a new employee.

Jenny might opt to sell the pub if the responsibility of keeping it open while she lives in Canada proves to be too onerous.

The employees in the pub would be concerned about losing their jobs, and Daisy would likely view it as a major betrayal because she believed Jenny would have granted her first dibs on the sale.

Daisy wouldn’t be able to purchase the Rovers since she doesn’t have enough money, but Glenda could be able to take over the pub.

She would be prepared to purchase some real estate on the cobbles because she had amassed a sizeable amount of savings during her time aboard the cruise ships.

Daisy would be furious, but Glenda would assure her that she could take over as bar manager and stay at the inn with her so they could manage things together.

But technically, Glenda would be in charge and the Shuttleworths’ takeover of Weatherfield would be underway.

Will Glenda make history as one of the most illustrious Rovers Return proprietors, or will she tarnish the reputation of the legendary bar?

Executive producer Iain MacLeod discussed her entry onto the cobbles and said she would play a figure behind the bar.

Glenda arrives off the cruise ships with a fragrance of the exotic and rapidly makes both best friends and enemies in equal measure, according to the head of the soap opera.

“The character is a lot of fun and has echoes of vintage female characters from Coronation Street. We are all thrilled to have Jodie on board because she is a fantastic talent. Ever since she arrived on site, she has felt quite Corrie.

He continued, “I think the viewers will adore her.”

Jodie recently stated the following regarding joining the cast: “She is a force to be feared. She has a strong resemblance to my mother. She is a bundle of energy, sass, and good times.

She continued, “She did get off a cruise ship and there’s a vitality with her that is just… she’s a delight to play. I was told I got the part while shopping at IKEA.”

I must have terrified about 30 people at IKEA, I swear to God. My mother and I were at the register when my agent Michelle called.

“We’ve got the offer for Corrie,” Michelle announced. So, I sobbed and screamed. God bless the woman who almost dropped a cactus. My mother then emerged and started crying.

Glenda might take over ownership of the Rovers Return.

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