Coronation Street theory: Gary’s exit sealed as Kelly unearths clue about father’s death

Gary is willing to go to any lengths to free Kelly, who has been kidnapped by the thugs working for Kelly’s loanshark father Rick Neelan.

Will the abductors reveal to Kelly that Gary, whom she views as her guardian, was responsible for the murder of her Coronation Street father, though?

For many years, Gary and his wife Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon) have kept a sinister secret from Kelly.

Fans of the ITV soap opera will remember that after the loanshark enticed Rick into the woods, Gary killed Rick in self-defense.

Prior to passing away in a hospital, Kelly’s mother Laura Neelan (Kel Allen) willingly accepted responsibility for Rick’s demise.

Gary wants to keep his identity a secret until he dies, but did he truly get rid of all the proof that connects him to Rick’s murder?

According to Gary actor Mikey, Kelly’s terrifying kidnapping is getting her closer to the truth.

He continued, “I keep saying you know with every day that goes, she’s coming closer to finding out so it ups the risk and I guess you know you know whenever it does come out I’m sure that it’ll be interesting viewing.”

Gary might think that Maria and he are the only ones who are aware of his violent background, but might Rick’s friends also know the truth about what transpired that awful night in the woods?

Could they lead Kelly into the woods and find a terrifying hint that would persuade her that Gary is a murderer?

“He hates lying, so you know I think all of this is done on false pretenses,” Mikey added.

The actor claimed that for a considerable amount of time, the Coronation Street character has been frantically attempting to hide the truth.

It seems like it will only be a matter of time before Kelly finds out the truth.

In tense scenes that were broadcast on Friday, Kelly disregarded Gary’s advice when she discovered a cache of cash that belonged to her father.

She made the unwise decision to attempt to atone for everyone he had cheated while still alive, but she was abducted as a result.

As he considered the events leading up to the kidnapping, Mikey said: “When Gary discovers Kelly is speaking with her dad’s former clients, he snaps.

“It sort of brings his past and present together, bringing the two worlds together.

He is frantically attempting to keep her away from the reality and from entering that world, and he is also concerned about what she will experience if she interacts with these individuals. He doesn’t want her to become involved in it.

The actor continued, “He’s urgently trying to prevent her from learning more.”

Kelly is getting close to the truth, and he dislikes the fact that she sort of disregarded his advice, putting her in grave danger.

If Kelly reports Gary to the police for murder, will Gary be forced to leave the cobblestones?

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