Coronation Street theory: Gary Windass stabbed by Rick Neelan’s henchmen as plan backfires

When Gary saved Kelly from the cellar her late father Rick Neelan’s associates had locked her in, Kelly saw Gary’s vicious side.

The Coronation Street youngster was relieved that Gary had saved her, but she was horrified by how viciously he had dealt with one of her kidnappers.

Will a vindictive Gary find the kidnappers and try to punish them?

Gary was informed that in order to get Kelly back, he would need to pay the thugs £50,000, which they knew he didn’t have.

He emptied his savings and used the remaining funds Rick had given him after he was killed to pull together £24,500.

The sum was far insufficient, and his wife Maria Connor believed he and Kelly would suffer harm when he fled to protect her.

A member of Rick’s crew knocked him out as he tried to free Kelly from the place where she was being held captive.

Soon after regaining consciousness, Gary engaged the abductor in combat.

The altercation suddenly got violent, and Gary appeared ready to kill once more.

Kelly stepped in and talked her surrogate father out of continuing the battle because she was afraid he might be killed.

After hearing Kelly’s plea, they subsequently went back to Weatherfield, but it seems that Gary still can’t get the kidnapping out of his mind.

Recently, Gary actor Mikey discussed the gripping plot with the media.

The 35-year-old soap star responded when asked if Gary could kill once more, “I might do it to take care of my family.”

“I believe he would do it again, given the same conditions,” Mikey continued.

For years, Gary has been terrified that Kelly will discover that he was responsible for her father’s demise.

He continued, “With every day that goes by, she’s getting closer to learning the truth, so the danger grows.”

Mikey claimed that even though Gary killed Kelly’s father in self-defense, he has been finding it difficult to live with the guilt of doing so.

Mikey responded when asked if Gary would ever leave the criminal underworld: “I don’t think he would be fully reformed, even though it may seem that way.

“There’s always that bubbling to the surface of we don’t know what he might do next, he could always go off the rails at any point.”

“He’s like he’s got nine lives like a cat,” he continued.

Will Gary track down the kidnappers to make them suffer and give them a taste of their own medicine?

Or, if Gary’s plan fails, would he put himself in grave danger if one of Rick’s friends stabs him and leaves him for dead?

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