Coronation Street theory: Gary Windass kills again to save Kelly Neelan from kidnap horror

Fans of the ITV soap opera will recall that three years ago, Gary killed Rick Neelan after the loan shark seduced him into the woods.

Only a few Coronation Street inhabitants are aware of the reality, despite the fact that Gary was acting in self-defense. As a result, Gary resolved to cover up the crime.

Will he kill the criminal responsible for the extortion scheme, though, after finding out Kelly has been abducted?

Kelly is still unaware that Gary killed her father, as her mother Laura Neelan selflessly accepted responsibility before she passed away.

Gary has taken the young orphan under his wing and wants to shield her from learning the truth about her father’s passing.

However, in the dramatic scenes that will soon air on the ITV soap opera, he might end up killing once more.

Gary and Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon) discover Kelly hasn’t been at home all night in an upcoming episode.

When they learn she visited another of her dad’s questionable clients, they are shocked.

As Gary begins to worry, one of Kelly’s kidnappers named Kieran hands her a phone and instructs her to text Gary to let him know she is okay.

However, Kelly finds a means to alert Gary through text that she is in danger by asking him to inform her mother, who he is aware has passed away, that she is safe.

Gary is aware that something is really wrong, and Kelly’s captor demands the remainder of her late father’s money.

Next, the thug uses the teen’s phone to call Gary and threaten to kill Kelly if he does not give him £50,000.

Gary collects $24,000 and leaves to confront Kelly’s captor. But is it sufficient?

Unfortunately for Gary and Kelly, the kidnapper demands that they locate the additional $26,000,000.

In the event that they refuse to give him the full £50,000, he threatens to make Kelly’s life a misery.

Gary discovers he had hidden a tracking device in Kelly’s money bag after forcing his way into the cellar where Kelly is.

However, just as they are about to flee, Keiron hits Gary with a crowbar, starting a bloody brawl.

When they get home, Kelly questions Gary about his desire to kill Kieron because she is afraid about how far he will go. Kelly freezes and worries that Gary may go too far.

Gary assures Kelly that all he was doing was guarding her; however, is he being truthful?

Will Gary use the money bag to locate Keiron and steal his money back before making him his next victim?

Will Kelly eventually understand Gary was responsible for her father’s death if she finds out he killed her kidnapper?

Before he says or does something he will later regret, Gary needs to be careful and work on controlling his temper.

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