Coronation Street theory: Double murder as Kelly Neelan and Aadi Alahan kidnapped

Kelly, a troubled youngster from Coronation Street, just received a substantial quantity of shady cash following the discovery of Rick’s body.

Laura Neelan, Kelly’s aunt, admitted to killing him and claimed responsibility for doing so, siding with Gary Windass.

Kelly has set out on a mission to reimburse the people Rick defrauded throughout the years in order to get rid of the money.

However, as he continues to worry about Kelly’s behavior in later scenes, it’s possible that she went too far and ended up killing herself and Aadi.

Later, as Kelly sees Aadi leaving the barbershop, a wad of cash spills out of her bag, shocking him into thinking she is still carrying the money.

She reveals that her father owned the money and had been giving it back to people he had defrauded over the years.

Aadi urges her to ask Gary for guidance because she is unsure whether she should handle this on her own, but her obstinate attitude can cause her to disregard him.

Kelly says she has located another of her dad’s clients and is headed to repay them at the bus stop.

Kelly is appreciative of Aadi’s offer to accompany her and accepts to go on a date later to Speed Daal in order to ensure her safety.

Gary is enraged to learn what Kelly is doing from Sharon Bentley (Tracie Bennett), who he confronted earlier.

Gary confronts her and begs her to stop what she is doing, but Kelly says he is not her father and won’t budge.

After storming out, she makes a solo home call and announces herself as Rick Neelan’s daughter before giving Ross an envelope stuffed with cash.

She adds that she is attempting to atone for her Dad’s sin before departing.

Has Kelly encountered the wrong person? Ross informs a friend about Kelly’s visit.

Aadi waits at Speed Daal in the meanwhile but quickly realizes he has been duped.

Will he approach Kelly about their date and convince her that she acted inappropriately?

Kelly might have made a mistake by giving Ross the money and telling him she was Rick’s daughter. Kelly may have gotten into difficulties as a result.

She might have endangered Ross’s life if he discovers Aadi hanging out with her as well.

The following is what Millie recently revealed to The Metro on Kelly’s impending storyline: “She probably wants to do anything she can to save her dad’s career.

“She referred to the cash that he gave her several times as “filthy blood money.”

“I feel it is her way of making up for all the wrongs her dad did. I know it won’t help those who have lost hope, but she consistently advocates for giving people another chance. She is making every effort to save it.”

She went on: “She simply hopes that by knocking on these people’s doors, she would be able to improve their lives.

“Despite the fact that I believe she is being rather gullible, I believe she has that surge in her because she has experienced so many failures and setbacks.

When she has so many options available to her, it is undoubtedly difficult.

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