Coronation Street theory: Double exit as Yasmeen and Alya Nazir leave in death twist

When Yasmeen realized Stu had been lying to her since they first met and that he had allegedly committed a murder 30 years prior, she was devastated.

In Monday’s episode of Coronation Street, Aly tried her best to divert her grandmother’s attention from the situation, but she was unable to do so since another guy had attempted to manipulate her.

Will Yasmeen decide they both need a fresh start and leave the ITV soap when Alya has the chance to continue her foray into the corporate food business?

Yasmeen and Alya set up shop at the Speed Daal restaurant at the beginning of the episode, and they were soon joined by their supplier and newcomer, Matt.

Despite the fact that they had recently been enjoying one other’s company, Alya was surprised to see him and asked, “What are you doing here? I assumed we wouldn’t see you until the next day.

He made a remark after noticing that the Nazirs were preoccupied with something, saying, “Well, I’ve had warmer welcomes, that’s for sure.”

It’s been a challenging morning, Yasmeen said in response, but Matt believed he had the solution to lift Alya’s spirits.

Sorry to hear that, but I called because I have some positive news.

How about a trip to the nation with all expenses covered? So, more like across the nation?” he questioned.

Well, my business is asking a few of our preferred customers to check out the procedure and see how our goods are transported from the farm to the table, Matt explained.

“In essence, they are buying the whole thing. a great hotel, food, and travel. He asked Alya, who was perplexed that he wanted to take her away, “What do you think.”

We’ve only been acquainted for a short period, but that’s extremely good of you to offer, the restaurant owner remarked.

Matt corrected her and said, “No. You’ve got the wrong end of the stick. Separate rooms, business, and all that. You establish some excellent connections.

She began to say, “I can’t, it’s not a good time,” but Yasmeen cut her off, saying, “It’s exactly the correct moment and like Matt mentioned, it will be good for business.”

From his talk, it sounded like Alya was moving up the corporate ladder, but Stu being admitted to the hospital cast a shadow over the possibility of a better future.

He was discovered by Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson) after being inebriated and was put in for observation, but the teenager wanted him to get back together with Yasmeen.

She visited the Nazir matriarch as a result, and she believed that she had persuaded her that she ought to give Stu a chance to defend himself.

At the conclusion of the episode, when Yasmeen showed up at the hospital, it appeared she was going to consider what Kelly had said.

Unfortunately, this was not the case since she urged Stu to stop contacting her because she now believed him to be a liar.

The Nazir matriarch vowed, “I will never forgive you for lying to me and I will never forgive you for lying to my family.”

“You took advantage of my vulnerability because you knew it. I’ll never fall for some vile man’s con again “Yasmeen remarked.

She may decide to relocate because it appears she has had enough of guys entering her life and abusing her trust.

Her grandmother might ask if she can accompany Alya as she might be traveling to the opposite side of the country to conduct additional business.

Although Stu hasn’t played a significant role in Yasmeen’s life until recently, she is aware that the cobblestones hold far too many painful memories.

She could therefore choose to start again and enable herself to discover happiness in a location that isn’t characterized by her prior pain.

Zeedan Nazir (Qasim Akhtar) could take over if Speed Daal remained in operation, but will he say goodbye to both his grandmother and his sister?

The storyline’s future and if Yasmeen would remain by his side or whether an exit may be in the works have been discussed by Bill, the actor who plays Stu.

The first important step, according to Bill, is to persuade Yasmeen, Alya, and Zeedan—the people he cares about—to trust him.

Without giving anything away, the tale has several twists and turns; Stu doesn’t just have to establish his innocence.

There are several other factors at play in this scenario. This bombshell has just detonated, the soap opera star continued.

Further elaborating, Bill said: “As an actor, I just did not tell anyone because my sister watches it avidly and she wouldn’t want me to spoil anything for her.

I don’t want to give away any surprises, and while I am aware that some individuals enjoy learning about them occasionally, I believe that most of them prefer to be shocked, so I approach it from that angle.

Will Stu’s history force the exit of two cherished show characters?

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