Coronation Street theory: Dee Dee Bailey arrives in Debbie Webster law case twist

Since her parents, Ed Bailey and Aggie Bailey, and her two brothers moved to Weatherfield three years ago, Dee Dee has been referenced on Coronation Street multiple times.

The third child of the Bailey family is a well-known professional who currently resides in Belgium.

However, as she emerges to sue Debbie Webster for every penny she has, viewers of the ITV soap opera may finally learn why she has been so preoccupied with work and hasn’t visited the cobbles.

Debbie asked Ed to perform some repairs on the hotels she had seized control of after Ray Crosby (Mark Frost) was sent to prison in Friday night’s episode.

The construction worker was persuaded to go have a look to see what required fixing despite having a lot of work on his plate.

The builder thought there wasn’t anything to worry about because his brother Ronnie Bailey (Vinta Morgan) was dating the hotelier.

Unfortunately, he suffered a serious electrocution and ended up in the hospital when he attempted to examine some of the electrical work more closely.

Debbie told Ronnie she hadn’t had the electrics tested since she took over Ray’s property portfolio as Aggie arrived to be by her husband’s side in the hospital hallway.

Even though she would be the first to blame, the businesswoman refused to take responsibility for Ed’s suffering.

She explained to Ed and Aggie that Ray was to blame for everything because he didn’t have the maintenance done correctly when she visited Ed on the ward.

After learning that the businessman had been imprisoned for the previous year or so, Aggie realized that the person responsible for attacking the hotels would be the one at fault.

Aggie said, “I knew it, I’ve just realized that you have not once spoken the word, sorry,” as Debbie described herself as the new owner.

Debbie said, trying to deflect responsibility from herself, “We don’t know if that’s suitable until we can find out exactly what’s gone on.”

Aggie, who was growing more and furious with the entrepreneur, said, “You just don’t want to accept liability.”

She instructed Debbie to leave the room and wait for a call from our lawyers as she quickly exited the room fearing she would lose a lot of money.

Aggie may ask their daughter to visit them in Weatherfield because Ed was in trouble and in need of some help.

It might manifest. Dee Dee is a superb attorney who hasn’t been able to visit the cobbles because of the significant issues she has been handling.

The couple could believe Dee Dee can represent them since they, too, cannot afford certain high-powered attorneys.

Dee Dee might board the subsequent aircraft to Manchester after observing her father’s condition and decide to stay with her parents in order to handle the legal situation.

She may be able to help them win the case and get Debbie the insurance for her father if she knows every trick in the book.

The entrepreneur can end up with very little money, but she might also go to jail for not keeping her hotels in working shape.

Will Debbie escape punishment for what she did to Ed thanks to Dee Dee, or will the businesswoman receive a lengthy sentence?

Iain MacLeod, the show’s executive producer, has mentioned bringing Dee Dee join the cast on numerous occasions.

In 2020, Iain stated to media: “There are currently no plans [to introduce Dee Dee], but I am incredibly eager to do it since she sounds like an amazing nightmare! however, not at the moment.

“Before we hit the Baileys we’ve already met with a meteorite from outside, we wanted to give them time to settle in.

He added that there were no immediate plans, but two years later, could the thought of bringing her into the fold be on the horizon? “She’s absolutely on the table and will make an appearance at some time, but there are no imminent plans,” he said.

Three years ago, when the Bailey family was originally presented, Iain described the kind of character she would be and how she would still be present.

“In age terms, she’s halfway between James and Michael,” the head of the soap stated.

She is named Diana after Princess Diana, Iain continued in a media interview. Her arrival will have roughly corresponded with Princess Diana’s passing

“We speculate that she may temporarily disappear from the TV and go by the names Diana, Dee Dee, or Princess as her brothers refer to her.

When they are seated at the dining table in the evening for their tea, she is a source of comic tension “Added he.

Will she be so strong that not even Debbie will be able to stop her as she obliterates everyone and everything in her path to success?

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