Coronation Street theory: Debbie Webster left homeless in heartbreaking debt twist

Debbie is about to throw herself into some trouble in upcoming Coronation Street scenes as she permits her shady predecessor Ray Crosby to cut corners at the hotel.

However, when builder Ed performs some work for the owner of the bistro and ends up being electrocuted, things will only get worse for the businesswomen.

Ed’s wife Aggie Bailey (Lorna Laidlaw) enforces the law and demands payment from Debbie while he is brought to the hospital.

When Debbie realizes she has no idea when an inspection was last performed, she is left speechless.

She is also enraged at her predecessor for shirking such crucial duties.

According to the ITV soap’s official spoilers, a frazzled Debbie informs Ronnie (Vinta Morgan) that Ray terminated the professional indemnity insurance.

She calls the hospital in a hurry and brings a check for Ed and Aggie.

Debbie should engage a lawyer, says Aggie, as they have previously told Adam Barlow, who she believes is not nearly enough (Sam Robertson).

Debbie and Ronnie are in shock, so the owner of the cafe calls at No. 3 and offers Ed £30,000 in compensation.

Debbie is informed by Aggie that she has two weeks to make good on her debt.

But how can Debbie get that money when she has multiple enterprises to run?

The cafe may be experiencing financial difficulties in secret, thus Debbie may be concealing her true level of debt.

Debbie can wind up losing everything if her debt spirals out of control even if she ends up paying Ed and Aggie £30,000.

Because of this, the entrepreneur can wind herself homeless if she loses her job.
But while Aggy was leaving the bar, Ronnie came up to Ray and offered him a job.

Ray said to the merchant who handed him a piece of paper, “Make my day why don’t you.

As he showed him a bar that was up for sale, he said, “Paul, come and take a look at this.”

Paul made fun of the boozer by saying, “Doesn’t look like any boozer I’d like to drink in.”

That’s right, Ronnie said before adding, “They’re tearing it down. This garden-filled site has room for three dwellings.

“Believe me, this will be the next Weatherfield community. All we have to do is construct the homes.

Ronnie assured Ray that if he put in the effort, he could own a portion of the houses even though he lacked the capital to contribute.

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