Coronation Street theory: Carla Connor forced out of business in Sarah betrayal plot

Last year, when Carla Connor was named the new manager of the fabric factory, Sarah Platt was distraught since she had missed the opportunity to purchase her brother’s stock in the company.

According to a novel notion investigated by, Sarah might soon obtain her wish list.

Viewers have recently seen Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) return to the streets in the midst of his mother’s drinking issue.

Sarah appears to be impressed with her uncle when he provided business advise a few weeks ago, despite the fact that not everyone is glad to have him back.

The Underworld boss is unimpressed and thinks business with family doesn’t turn out well, despite her attempts to persuade Carla to purchase silk from him.

However, viewers will witness Carla becoming irritated in forthcoming episodes as she tries to get a fabric order.

Then, causing a wedge between them, Stephen informs Sarah that Carla is the factory’s brains and that she should think about buying Carla out of her ownership stake.

Later, he confirms that he has located the required material at a competitive price.

Sarah discusses her ideas with her uncle and solicits his assistance with Carla in an effort to demonstrate her expertise.

Carla is worried about Stephen, but Sarah keeps pushing her, and after talking to her friend Peter in the Rovers, she decides to hire him for some consulting work.

Her generosity, meanwhile, can be misunderstood after Stephen encourages his niece to obtain a loan and grow the company on her own.

Could Sarah listen to Stephen and try to put Carla out of business after being disappointed and furious she missed the opportunity to purchase her brother’s shares in the past?

Viewers could watch Toyah Battersby get herself into more problems elsewhere in the cobbles after rekindling her relationship with Spider Nugent.

Since his comeback, viewers have witnessed the former pair become closer over the last few episodes.

Imran Habeeb died after an incident that Toyah started, and she is currently on trial for his death.

She met a buddy of Spider’s named Griff in a recent episode, who seemed to frighten him.

His old friend welcomed him to the cafe, saying, “Fancy seeing you here.”

In order to avoid another embarrassing meeting, Spider introduced Toyah as one of “the good guys” to Griff.

He responded, “Well, I wouldn’t go that far,” while laughing.

Before warning him of an impending protest, Spider explained that they first met while blocking the M25.

Toyah is adamant that she will go even though Spider worries that there will be a lot of cops present.

Leanne, who she claimed it was “strong and exhilarating,” is concerned that Spider and his friends might be taking Toyah down a path that leads to even more difficulties.

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