Coronation Street theory: Bernie Winter’s dealt bombshell as surprise twin causes chaos

Bernie moved to Weatherfield with her daughter Gemma Winter and Chesney Brown, and she frequently found herself in legal trouble.

Since then, she has appeared to be living a good life, but Fern’s impending arrival could send shockwaves through the streets and cause Bernie to revert to her old criminal habits after a shocking revelation about a family.

As Bernie experiences the shock of her life when Fern shows up in Weatherfield, viewers will soon experience double vision in subsequent scenes.

According to official leaks, the dramatic storyline will begin on August 26 when Bernie makes a mistake at the parcel collection.

She tries to pick up Joseph’s new school uniform when a shop employee confuses her for the other woman and hands her a package for Fern.

When Fern shows up at the residence, she demands her package and accuses Bernie of stealing.

The following week, Fern gives Bernie a sketchy approach to make some money after the women are struck by how similar they are.

There are few details available regarding Bernie’s family life outside of Gemma and Chesney, and it’s possible that she’s keeping something really important from them.

Perhaps Fern, who appeared on the cobblestones to get herself out of trouble, is the sister she never knew she had.

Could Fern set Bernie up and switch places with Bernie if Fern is in trouble and is aware that her twin is prospering in Weatherfield?

Actress Jane from Bernie came up with the plot because she and Gabrielle Glaister, a former Brookside and Blackadder actress, were frequently confused for one another.

She brought up the prospective plot with writer Jonathan Harvey and inquired as to whether there was any way they could include the tale into the soap.

After the plot was established, Gabrielle was quickly cast as Fern, and Jane revealed that the two had even been stopped by people who thought it was her from Coronation Street.

I told Jonathan about this concept a while ago, Jane said. People frequently say they have seen one of Gabby or me in something when in fact they have seen the other of us.

We had often laughed about it together, but I then began to consider how much fun it might be to have her appear on the show as Bernie’s doppelganger or hidden twin.

“When they informed me that they had developed this plot and that Gabby was on board, I was overjoyed.

“I was at the Soap Awards when someone who had previously worked with Gabby started talking to me, believing I was her, just after I had learned that we were doing the story.

The actress was humiliated when I revealed my identity, but I don’t mind being mistaken for Gabby since it is a tremendous compliment, and in my head, I was secretly thinking, “That’s brilliant, this plot is going to work so well.”

Jane and I have been mistaken for one another for years and years, Gabrielle said. Jane insistence that she wasn’t in Brookside, and me persistently claiming that I was in Casualty!

“Or people praising me for my performance in a role I wasn’t in because Jane was outstanding.

“Last week, a very close friend of mine wrote me to tell that he saw a little of Corrie and thought I was excellent. I emphasized that I wasn’t yet visible on the screen!

“It looked like serendipity when they contacted me with the plot! They’ve created something incredibly creative, and working with Jane is fun for me.

So, will the couple be identified as long-lost twins or is it just a case of identity confusion?

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