Coronation Street theory: Audrey Roberts heartbroken as Stephen’s sinister plan exposed

Audrey from Coronation Street has struggled lately following a horrific event that required a brief hospital stay.

She spent the entire night in the barbershop pinned under a motorcycle until Stephen freed her and dialed 911.

Since her accident, Audrey has been cutting off contact with her family and has even removed their names from her will because she has realized how poorly they treat her.

She has entrusted Stephen with handling both her and the family’s finances, but they are dissatisfied with how it has been managed.

According to a fresh notion, Stephen may be using his mother’s accident to take control of the funds and carry out a sinister scheme.

Remembering her late husband Alf Roberts, Audrey first informed the family that she would be giving all of her money to the Weatherfield Association of Retail Traders (Bryan Mosley).

After learning the news, the family was incensed and dismayed, which prompted David Platt (Jack P Shephard) to explore into getting the power of attorney to overturn her decision.

This left Audrey even more unhappy with her family, revealing it was a test, one in which they failed and chose to put Stephen in charge of the funds.

In addition to making the family suspicious, this made viewers question Stephen’s motivations.

Gail Platt (Helen Worth) will soon explain that she has reserved a table for a family dinner to honor Audrey’s birthday.

David also reveals that he has a pleasant surprise for Audrey that he, too, has prepared, which causes them to quarrel over who gets to do what.

Audrey claims that a supper with the family is the last thing she wants because she doesn’t want to cope with their fighting and that she won’t be going.

The family takes Audrey to show her their surprise since they don’t want to aggravate their grandma further and because she was already unimpressed by her birthday supper.

She soon learns that Debbie Webster (Sue Devaney), with whom they had a rental arrangement, is now the owner of her former salon.

Gail contacts Audrey later, concerned that she didn’t seem like herself when they surprised her with the salon.

Audrey reassures her daughter that things will all be better after a nice night’s sleep, but she forgets to explain that she is in a hospital bed.

Do they realize how sick Audrey is or did the family push Audrey too far?

Could Stephen set his sights on another of his mother’s properties in addition to the money in the will now that the salon is back in Audrey’s name?

Controlling the will and the salon might only be the beginning of Stephen’s strategy; he might leave the family with nothing in the end.

Since Stephen returned to Weatherfield, viewers have also had concerns, with many of them considering it odd that he just appeared.

Stephen is undoubtedly up to something, as @itzzzo_ observed: “You don’t just show up after all these years without a reason.”

“Stephen is the one who’s going to take all of Audrey’s money,” @Sarah8917x continued.

@cassandra2010 So Stephen will stay and steal the trust money, theorized the speaker.

Stephen is broke and in debt, thus he is attempting to steal Audrey’s money, according to @Cinders12345678.

And isn’t Stephen planning to flee with the trust money? @Rachel IRL made a joke. (sic)

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