Coronation Street theory: Asha Alahan betrays Nina Lucas in new affair twist

Since her ex-boyfriend Corey Brent has been fighting to avoid going to prison for the murder of Seb Franklin for the past two years, Asha has been taking a backseat to the drama on Coronation Street.

As a result, she was able to spend time with Nina, and on the surface, things appear to be going wonderfully well for the two of them.

But it might be Asha is going

Aadi Alahan (Adam Hussain), Kelly and Asha’s brother, has been teased about starting a relationship shortly after spending more time with him lately.

This follows Kelly’s recent abduction and hostage-taking by a former associate of her father, which prevented her from attending her first date with Aadi.

Asha can grow immensely envious of the relationship she is watching because it doesn’t seem to match her own as their love grows between them.

She can be in great perplexity as she questions whether Kelly or the circumstance is the source of her troubling emotions.

She might request extra time with Kelly to spend more time getting to know her brother’s girlfriend in order to test out her theory.

ng to spend some more time with Kelly Neelan, which might spell serious trouble for their on-screen romance in the ITV serial opera.

However, this is the point where things between the two characters could get romantic as it appears Kelly is debating whether or not she likes Asha as well.

If they decide to travel to Manchester, they might wind up going out to a club without their respective partners just to hang out.

They might end up kissing because they are on the dance floor and because the alcohol has given them more courage to express their feelings.

They could get together the following day to discuss what transpired and express their desire to further explore their chemistry.

The two characters can end up spending the night together without notifying their partners and discover they really do want to be together.

When an affair starts, Nina and Aadi would be completely unaware of the betrayal occurring behind their back, but secrets don’t tend to stay hidden on the cobblestones for very long.

The possibility exists that Nina could walk in on her girlfriend kissing Kelly and be horrified by what she has witnessed.

Asha would attempt to justify her actions, but Nina would be aware that this has been going on for some time because she has sensed Asha’s distance for a number of months.

Asha might explain to Nina why she cheated on her by saying that she believed she would never measure up to the relationship her girlfriend had with Seb.

As a result, Roy Cropper’s niece would be devastated and break up the relationship right away because she didn’t want to keep dating a cheater.

Aadi would break up with his new love because he would be devastated that she was having an affair with his sister.

Just a few months after the Alahan twins managed to find a good place in their relationship, this would result in a significant rift between them.

Will Asha’s decision to keep having a relationship with Kelly cause her to lose a number of loved ones on the pavement?

This narrative twist was alluded to by Kelly’s actress Millie during her appearance on Wednesday’s episode of ITV’s Lorraine.

The actress discussed her friendship with Tanisha, the actress who plays Asha, in addition to her most recent plot line.

Off-screen, the two are frequently seen together, as Millie explains: “Tanisha is great; we’re best friends. We adore one another dearly.

“It’s wonderful to meet someone on set with whom you click. We continue to see each other frequently despite having little scenes together.

Here, anchor Lorraine Kelly informed her audience that since Kelly’s new relationship with Aadi was expected to materialize, her character could now spend more time with Asha.

Could it be that the two actresses will be together more frequently as their fictional characters develop romantic relationships?

Additionally, Millie has discussed how her character goes back to her father’s murky past now that she is aware he is no longer alive.

As the actress clarified: “She was probably the only person he truly cared about, and I believe she was his little princess.

“And she could ask for anything and he’d do it. She was aware of what he had done, but she didn’t give a damn. She would always love him.

“And I believe that’s why, ironically, she felt safer with him than anybody else. And for that reason, when that dad’s picture was reversed, it was so painful “ was told by her.

Will she be more loving than her father if she does end up dating Asha, or will her previous experience with failed relationships mean that her own relationship with Asha won’t work out?

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